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Greetings: ACJ21 User ID: 445


I quoted a part of your reply to me on Page 28. Here it is: ================================================
"**As To What Kind Of Entity That I Really Am ?? ... Well I Tell You ... I Am Very Very Very Ornery/Mischevious & Full Of Fun !! ... And Very Knowledgable In The Medical Sciences !! ...In Fact Our PeopleAreKnown As..."TheClownHealersOf The Universe" !! ...As We Work On Many Many Kinds & Types Of Beings/Lifeforms From Many Places !! ... Healing Them & Making Them Well ===============================================

Granting that you truly have good intentions for us and you are knowledgeable in medical sciences, can you share with us some of your secrets, for instance, a tip for CANCER CURE and a cure for baldness. You see, our scientists after researching long and hard to find a cure for both maladies, haveyet to comeup with a drug to cure cancer and grow back hair without some side effects. Can you giveussomeremediesor solutions.

**There Are Those On Your Planet Who Had Come Up With Such "Cures" ... Long AgoIn YourTime!! ...TheProblem WasHowever...In Their Way Of Thinking ... "That If We Cure The Affliction ... Then We Cannot Remain Wealthy !! ... We Would Have No Patients ... And Would Not Stay In Business !! ... For The Truth That Was Underneath The Surface ... These IndividualsWereNotConcened AsMuch For The Patient(s) & Their Health To Make Them Better ... As They Were To Make Money Off Such Ailments/Diseases!!

**Of Those "Independants" To The Field Of Researching Into The Causes And Cures Of Cancer (For Example) ... Such Beings Have Been "Railroaded" & Eventually Destroyed By Having Their Findings/Discoveries Ridiculed & Distorted !! ...And Any Treatments/Cures Were Denounced & Banished ... By Those Who Felt So Threatened That Their Wealth & Their Livelyhoods Would Be Taken Away !! ... *One Such Researcher/Discoverer& OneWho Treated Patients Was: Royal R. Rife ...Who Developed A Way To See Within Living Cells !! ... And By Using "Sympathic Vibrations" ...That Is Finding Out That Certain Afflictions Were Sensitive To A Particular Vibration Or Stimulus ... He WasAbleTo Elimate These Deformed & Altered Cells...Thereby By Using The Patients Own Healing Abilities ... Effect A Cure !! ... *And Of This Cure ... There Were Absolutely No Side Effects !! ... And Of His "Seeing Within Cells"This Did Not Employ The Use Of "Radiological Energies" (X-Rays, Rotagen Rays) ... Which Cause The Very Mutations That One Was Attempting To Eliminate!!

**A Tip For "Curing Cancer" ... Is To Find Out What It Is ... That Is Causing Harm To The Physical Body !! ...IsThe Source Of A Chemical Nature ... A Radiological Nature (Radiations) ...Bacteriological(Bacteria)*PrevelentIn Unclean & Unsanitary Living Conditions & Even In Non-Pure Water !! ... Virological (Virus In Nature) ...Parasitical In Nature (Parasites) & Many Other Basic Causes !! ... *And Once One Finds The Root Source/TheCause Of The Affliction ... One Can Treat This By WaysThat Cause No Harm To The Container/Body !! ... And Once This Is Elimated From The Body ... The Body Can & Will Heal Itself !!

**Baldness Is That Condition Brought About By The Triggering Of Chemical Changes In The Body ...Which Activates The Latant DNA (Deoxyribeoneuclaic Acid) Codes Within That Form/Shell !! ... For Example: Say For Instance That One´s Genetics (TheirDNA)IsOf The People/One People (Zeta Reticulians) ... Of Our Kind ...Our PeopleHaveNo Hair On Their Heads ... We Are Bald !! ... *So Certain Chemical/Hormonal Changes Within The Body ... Stimulated By A Source Of Radiation (Such As The Atomic Radiation Recieved On Terra/Earth From Your Star/Sun) Might TriggerThese Dormant Genes To Surface ... And As Such ... One Would Loose Their Hair !! ... Which Would Be A Natural State Of Being !! ... *These Radiations/Radiant Energies Are Also The Main Cause Of The Affliction That You Term "Old Age"ButAreActually The Result Of Changes Brought About By Exposure To Such Energies !! ... Essentially Put ... The Beings Do Not Have "Old Age"They Have Long Term: Radiation Sickness !!

Can you give at least a formula for our medical scientists to evaluate and do research therefrom? For instance, some ingredients or elements that can be synthesized into one drug to cure cancer for example.

**Those Of The Majority Of Medical Scientific Researching ... These Individuals Livelyhoods Are Connected To Monies From Grants !! ... And This Being The Case ... These Grants Are Continued On The Conditions That Perminent Cures Are Not To Discussed, Found Or Implimented In Any Way !! ... *Only Treatments That Can Be "Patentable" Where Monies Can Be Made Off These "Temporary Fixes" !! ... *If Otherwise Is Done ... If A Scientist(s)GoesAgainstSuch Rules...Then Their Grants/Grant Monies Will Be Taken From Them ... Their Lives/Livelyhoods Ruined !! ...TheirResearching Ridiculed& Ruined...And They ThemselvesRidiculed, Branded ...Given A "BlackMark"& Shunned By Their Profession ... Or Even Murdered !!

**One Such "Natural Treatment" That Has Promise ... Is In The Use Of The SubstanceFound In The Pits Of Certain Fruits ... Such As Apricots, Peaches & Others !! ... This Can Be Synthesized Into A Chemical Compound That Can Be Used In The Body ... That Will SeekOut & Neutralize/Destroy Cells That Are Hazardous To The Life Processes !!

**When It Was Found That "Apricot Pits" Had The Promise For A Natural Treatment/Cure !! ...Then The "Red Flags" Were Raised ByTheControlledMedical Professions ...Who Wanted This/TheseExperiments(Which WereHelpingTo Heal Individuals !!) Stopped Cold !! ... As This WasA Threat To Their Wealth & Incoming Money Suppy !! ... *This Is Not Unlike The Many "Cures" For Cancers & Diseases Which Have Been Found !! ... But Subsequently Banished & Buried ... Do To "Financial Concerns" & The Lack Of Concern Towards Individuals & Their Healing !!

**A Cure For Baldness Is ... Well ... Wear A Wig !! ... As It Is Far Better To Do So ... Then It Is To Attempt To Dabble In Genetic Resequencing Of Which DNA/RNA Codes Are Part Of Each IndividualsShells/Containers!! ...*ForA Visualization Of What Can Occur ...We Call Your Attention To The Various Science Fiction & Horror Movies Called: The Fly ...Where Such WasAttempted With Horrific Results!!


**ST In BG
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