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Greetings: Truth2: User ID: 1448050

12/30/2012 11:26 AM

Dream Vision December 30, 2012

I was on a telecommunication device in a Great Room reporting to someone. There were many being greeted as they were coming through a doorway. Great excitement was in the air...something very special was happening.

I Recognized an older man as he came through the doorway and was greeted. He was very Wise but had only been seen as a fool by those who did not Know. I went to greet him and he gave me a Thought of Reorganization but he was busy healing/conveying information with his hands over a dark haired woman's ears. I went back to my station and resumed my work, as others were filing in. I Understood that they were the ones (Volunteers) who were now coming back. Many had been in various states of slumber, but now were
fully Awake.

Then I Saw, in a distance, those who had deceived others... now stripped of their illusions. Many of them had wrapped
themselves in the cloaks of various belief systems that no longer existed. Their homes of false bricks had crumbled and they were left without these pretenses to be seen by those they had fooled, as those who could See Knew them.

**Very Very Interesting "Dream/Experience" !!

12/31/2012 05:49 PM

ORB SHIP SIXTY NINE "UFO" by orbstats [12-30-2012]

This video is of one Orb. At 7pm on this very dark cold night, a bright orange Orb appeared in my woods in the West, facing my window, I had the feeling it wanted me to see it. It hovered for 6 minutes at 40 feet and a distance of 100 feet.

It went left and right a few times then rose above the tree tops 70-80ft and very slowly orange lights began to appear, other Orbs were blinking near it. It averaged 6-8 lights aligned horizontally and 3-4 rows of lights vertically. My camera could not pick up all the lights, and could not pick up the orange orb except for some tints, as it went eastward, it made no sound. I used a 60x zoom, no lights.

The spectrum of light the orbs use, cannot usually be picked up by the camera as the true color, and for this reason you lose the shape
of the object, too. They know what light wave to use so you can see them, but the camera cannot photograph them. As always enjoy! -orbstats

**Very Very Fascinating !!

01/03/2013 11:27 PM

Yesterday my friend saw 3 Chevron shaped Ships whoosh above her property.

She went outside and filmed this one when it came back.

**Very Very NICE !!!

Published on Jan 3, 2013

This video was taken facing my shed and my woods facing the river. It was very dark no lights used, I used 60x zoom. The Orbs put on a display of lights just above the shed it
appeared about 20-30 feet up as I held my camera.

The plane-like, ship-like figures are the Orbs in the trees.

At one point they turned into 3 points of light, a triangle, and then the bottom light exploded in what appeared to be a fire in the trees,

**Sweet !!!

enjoy! -orbstats

**Very Very Fascinating !!

Thanks For Sharing These Things !!


Farewell For Now !!

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