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Greetings: Anonymous Coward: User ID: 18342848

It seems that there must be more to baldness than that.

For one thing, humans generally tend to only lose their hair on the top of their heads.

Nearly all bald people retain the hair around the sides and back of their head, its a very rare condition to lose all the hair on your head. Usually you get left with the "horseshoe" pattern around the sides and back.

Another thing is that baldness is by far the highest among the Caucasian (white) population and less often seen in blacks and Asians, and pretty much unheard of among the Indian population of the Americas.

So are you saying that white folk have more zeta genes in them than other people

**Correction: ... Not "Zeta Genes" ... "One People Genes" ... Or ... "One Of One People Genes" !!

**In Response: **They You Term "White Folk" ... Have A Particular "Genetic Mix" ... Which Gives Them ... Such Dispositions !!

and that native Americans never have the Zeta genes?

**There Are Many Beings ... Of Many "Genetic Mixes" ... Of Those Termed "Native Americans" !! ... They Come From ... Many Galactic Backgrounds !!

What about the conduit.. isn't he native American?

**The Conduit Has Many Lifetimes ... In The Embodiment Of ... Ones Termed: "Native American" !!

Is he the first bald native American?

**The Question Does Not Relate !!

Didn't a group of the Apexians split off and end up in the Sedona Arizona area?

**There Was A Party ... A Group Of Apexians ... Who Came To Terra/Earth ... Ones That Left The Apex World ... Before The "Great War" Got Started !! ... This Was One Group ... That Found Terra/Earth ... That Flew Over The Lands Of Your "Today" ... Of Sedona, Arizona Vicinity ... & Of This Reminding Them Of Their Former Apexian World ... Their Home World ... They Landed & Settled ... In This Area !!

Shouldn't we find that the Native Americans in that area are all bald? That doesn't seem to be the case though, in fact I think none of them are bald...

**As We Said ... There Are Many Genetic Mixes !! ... & ... Many Improvements Made ... To Later Models ... & Those Who Have Been "Borrowed" !!

**Of The Conduit ... He Is Of The Energies Of ... The Apexians ... The Changed Apexians ... Their Tribal Descendants (On Terra/Earth) & Of The Essessani (The Blend Between "Humans" & The People/One People) !!

Baldness seems more like an autoimmune disorder to me.

It's definitely been linked to things like stress and poor nutrition, overactive oil glands on the head, poor blood flow to the scalp etc.

Inflammation is often found in the follicles affected and
treating that inflammation through dietary or natural means has been shown to slow the balding process down.

**There Are Many Factors !! ... Many Things That Can "Influence" ... Cause This To Come About !! ... Which Includes ... Genetic/Energy "Pre-Disposition" !!

**There Are Those Things ... That Can Be "Treated" ... & Those Things That Are "Pre-Determined" !!

Farewell For Now !!

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