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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: Truthseeker: User ID: 31333354

**In Response To Truth2: User ID: 1448050 ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!


So anyone disagreeing with your point of view or reference is a troll?

**Those Like Yourself ... Who Come On To The "ET Thread" ... With No Purpose Other Then To "Cause Problems" ... To "Troll The Thread" ... Indeed ... They Qualify !!

ST, whilst in 3d form on earth CLAIMS to be in communication with his 4d ET self, who is also part of the people... Right?

**The Conduit Does Not "Claim" ... He Is In Contact With US/WE ... & Of His Energies ... (Which Are 3/4th's Onboard Ship !!)

Now please, apply a clinical mind here and don't just boot out my reasoning because it goes against your earned respect for an alleged ET being..

**You Have Already "Dismissed Yourself" ... By Attempting To Use "Terrestrial Understandings" ... "Programmings" ... To Support Your Contentions !!

4D= immortal or eternal? There is a difference that is why I am asking... Either way it is inferred upon that 4d beings are not bound to a specific point in 'time'

**You Do Not Understand "4th Density" ... While US/WE ... The Conduit (Having Come From There/Is There) Does !! ... From That Basis ... From Your Lack Of Knowledge/Understanding ... You Cannot Argue Your Point !!

Containers/ shell/ human body : allegedly discontinued model!

**The Terrestrial Temporary ... "Human Body" ... Has Been Discontinued !! ... This Is Quite Factual !! ... As It Was Meant For Limited Service/Limited Use ... Only In 3rd Density .. & Only On ... Terra/Earth !!

Healing : the ability to repair the human body.

**Yes ... We Have The Ability To Healing/Repair Those Temporary Forms/Bodies !!

With just the information above we have a problem with the theory... How can a 'agent' of the people have Lyme disease?... And yet offer healing to others..

**Not An "Agent" Of "The People/One People" ... A Communicator/Conduit ... Altered/Enhanced ... For That Part Of His Duties/Agreements ... Of His "Volunteering" !!

**As To The "Lyme Disease" & Healing Of Others ... Quite Simply ... It Is Not A "Disease" ... As Much As It Is ... The Use Of Various Delivery Methods ... Of Testing & Infliction ... For Biological Warfare & Disabling/Killing Purposes !! ... Know & Understand What This Is First ... To Be Able To Properly Treat & Effect A Cure !!

**The Healing Of Others ... Is Per Arrangements/Agreement ... Or Of Simply Asking/Requesting !! ... WE Work Those In ... Who Are Not
"Under Contract" !!

It doesn't make the slightest sense.

**Not To You ... But To US/WE ... It Makes Perfect Sense !!

If the 4d beings where able to place and implant...surely they have the ability to upgrade the DNA model or functionality of said containers...

**Plainly ...You Do Not Understand !! ... The Conduit's New Body Awaits Him ... When He Fully Transfers Of His Energies !!

Furthermore, the 4d beings see out of time..

**WE See BEYOND ... That Of The "Artificial Time Restraints" ("Linear Time") ... That Has Been Controlling & Dictating Your Lives For & To You !!

And that is my main point...

Surely they know all things,

**We Know Many More Things ...Can See From A Greater Vantage Point ... Greater Then The Limitations ... That You Exist In ... While On Terra/Earth !!

and by merit can amend and help with changes... Especially to one of their OWN kind, their own agent.

**Not "Agent" ... One Who Is ... Of Our Peoples ... Of Our Energies !!

**We Do Help Him ... As Much As We Are Able To Do So ... While Volunteering ... In 3rd Density In That Body/Form ... On Terra/Earth !!

Besides, the educated words that can be found on most new age sites..

**You Are Attempting To Use ... "3rd Density Understandings" ... Rather ... Non-Understandings ... On US/WE ... Who Are Not Of ... That Density ... Not Of Those Thinkings ... That You Have There !!

What is different to what ST says? .. It still all new age ideology, with alien agenda, and a pinch of fear thrown in for good measure...

**No !!

Just to set the record straight... I do believe in the existence of ETs, and all things spiritual.

**Only To Your "Limitations" & "Understandings" ... Placed On These Things ... Of Things That You Know ... & Things That You Think You Know !!


Farewell For Now !!

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