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Poster Handle Amy
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Very interesting, Amy. I am sure that you have had many curious adventures!

About 20 years ago, when I lived in another state, I saw a Vision of living somewhere else. A few months later, I ended up moving to another state and a while after purchasing the place, I realized that it was the place I had Seen previously. I lived there a few years and then moved away for a few more years, having many Dreams/Visions of being at that place when things went down. Due to various Circumstances, I have now moved back there....

 Quoting: Truth2 1448050

Yes perhaps there are many reasons related.
Thinking back how many times I have moved my place....wow...its a lot of movings and changes ...

Last time I remember talking about orbs with you, that dimensional beings are very busy, that they would not have time to play trick with me... right?

Not long after that, in my dream, I heard my door bell ringing!

Its my people, they were flooding in my apartment, from grandparents to parents to uncles aunts sisters brothers cousins ...!!!! Too many of them, I was so overwhelmed to even count the number!

I asked: how you guys are all here?!
But in the mean time, I was running around cleaning my messy place....hahaha!
Really should I be more careful about what I say or think? Hahaha
They said : we were on our bus tour, we canceled it and decide to drop by!
Long time no see, oh your nose looks more straight, oh your skin whiter, oh you look more beautiful , .... they made me blushed both from embarrassment and compliments....how strange...haha

It must be that They, the orneries who have reallly visited me with play and trick...hehe!

I kept wondering for a few days ... couldn't figure out the meaning of this funny sudden visit ...today I recalled my last post about Orbs... I laughed and laughed...hahaha!
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