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Poster Handle Blitz the storm-striker
Post Content
Greetings: Truthseeker: User ID: 30882694

Hello All...

And dear ST.... Don't take this personally as this is all a show... And part of the entertainment...

**As To "Entertaining" ... You Are Far From It !! ... Personally We Take It As ... You're Just One Of Many ... Who Have Come On The Thread To Troll ... To Debunk !! ... Another In A Long Line Of Ones ... Who ... Crawl Out Of The Woodwork ... Out From Under Their Stones ... Every So
Often ... To Stir Up Trouble ... To Get Their "Jollies" !!

I said in many posts before... An ET that resides aboard ship out of time cannot 'NOT KNOW' That is beyond dumb!.. You dear friend... Know maybe just a little more than a pencil.

**Don't Attempt To Use "Sweet Talk" On US/WE !! ... We Have More Experience Then You ... & WE Have ... More Understandings ... Of Which You Lack !! ... Even In What Is Termed ... "Common Courtesy/Manners" !!

So which brings me to the conclusion that you dear conduit have been LIED to... By the many voices that speak to you...

**Oh Brother !! ... Maybe Some Of "Our Many Voices" ... Can Speak To You Too !! ... Especially The Ones Who "Smile &
Wave" !! ... You Would Be Running ... & Not Looking Back !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

Nothing you ever spoke of came true... Not that baseball game, no blowing up of Yellowstone... And the last one... The 21st... That was a biggie... So in effect you actually know LESS than what I know... But ACT like you know more... Cos most of the other nonsense you drivel out is just some fairy tale BS...lol

**We Are Sooooooooooo Glad You Decided ... To Volunteer As "Personal Interpreter" For Us/We !! ... It Is Most Difficult Keeping Up With Sending Visions & Other Things That Relate ... In Order To Present The Messages From 4th Density ... To 3rd Density !!

**Hope You Don't Mind ... The Tremendous Work/Detail ... That The Job Requires !! ... OH ?? ... You Wouldn't Like That ?? ... Then Be Quiet ... & Stop Jumping All Over Ourselves & The Conduit ... When WE Give These Things ... Or ... WE Just Might Elect You !! ... ET's Know ... US/WE & The Conduit ... Could Use The Rest/Relaxation !!

This is no attack on you...

**Sureeeeeeeeeee !!!

It's all part of the entertainment here on GLP.

**You Need To Go Somewhere Else ... For Your "Entertainment Needs" !! ... Hint ... You Won't Make It ... As A Clown !!

So, I personally think that you are some whacko with some Ailments that is beyond repair... And spends time on GLP to get a modicum of respect.. Cos you sure as HELL not gonna get it in the real world....lol.

**More Guessing/Speculation !! ... Sigh !!

I don't visit here often... But after the failed Nibiru stuff... I'll try and pop in at least twice a month just to offset the BS that you put out...

**Maybe You Will Come Around Less ?? ... You Might "Suddenly" Obtain ... "Awareness" ... & Show "ET Respect" !! ... & US/WE ... Can Make It Happen !!

Maybe bring the original OP back... Cos you are beyond FAKE. You give fakes a bad rep.

**Is That What You Are ?? ... A Fake/Fraud ?? ... A Troll/Shill ?? ... Never Would Have Guessed !! ...

Life is for the real...

**You Haven't A Clue !!

Nibiru is for sissy cowards that don't want to face live... But want a easy way out...

**You Will Be "Convinced" !! ... Will Be Most Enjoyable ... Watching You Attempt To Dodge All The Upheavals !! ... Speaking About "Entertainment" !!!

In closing... 2013... Here we come... Guns blazing and ready to take you on.

**Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!

Peace to all..

God loves you.

**Get Out The "Barf Bag" !!!

**In Response To: sasha: User ID: 25645424 ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!


You seriously need to stop watching too many sci-fi movies...or lay of the weed...its messing with your perception of reality..

**Typical "Debunker's Dismissals" ... "Sci Fi Movies" ... "Weed" !! ... Ad Nauseum !!

Whilst I would agree with you that Earth and our lives are a strange place and hard to define... It is LIFE! .. Learn to deal with it.

**It's Not "Life" ... Not In How US/WE Understand "Life" !! ... You Are Living In An "Artificial Construct" ... You Very Lives ... Your Very Thoughts Controlled !!

Your allusion that this is a fabricated construct is just some fairytale bs that makes you think that this life is not worth anything...

**Getting To ... "Close To The Truth" ?? ... Hmmm ???

Can you prove that this reality is fabricated?? You cannot...

**Let's Try Things From Another Perspective ... Can You Prove That Your "Reality" Is Real ... On Terra/Earth ??

So stop spewing out drivel and don't try to justify your insanity with more insanity...

**Yes !! ... Speaking Of "Drivel" !! ... Oh Yes ... "Insanity" !! ... Another "Favorite Word" ... Used By Debunkers !! ... When They Can't Handle Things ... Don't Want To Face ... How Things Are ... Nor ... Do They Want Anyone Else To Be Awake !!

Bring the facts to the table... Have you experienced anything that would concrete your belief that this reality is fabricated?, nothing...yea, I thought so.

**Yes ... US/WE Thought So Too ... As To Proving Your "Reality" Is "Real" !!

Back in the day there was a saying pinch me I'm dreaming...

**That's Why It Remained ... A "Saying" !! ... As In "Practical Application" ... This "Saying" Does Not Hold True !! ... As US/WE ... Can Do ... Of Those We Borrow ... All The Pinching We Want !! ... If We So Choose !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

There's a easy way to find out if you dreaming or this reality is fabricated... Most people are not dumb enough to try... Luckily for you... You don't seem that dumb either....

**More "Sweet Words" ... From The Troll/Debunker !! ... Give It Up !!

Cos although you talk about things you do not understand... You are STILL HERE!

** "Talking About Things You Do Not Understand" !! ... Hee Hee Hee !! ... "Good One" ... Coming From The "Clueless" !! ... & Yes ... Why Are You "Still Here" ???

So yea,, live life and enjoy it...

**Of That "Artificial Reality" ... It Will Soon ... Cease To Be !!

Cos its as real as it gets..

**You Have No Idea ... What "Reality" Is !! ... But You Will !!! ... Though By That Moment ... You Will
Be Trying To Stay Alive !!!

Yes there is a whole plethora of dimensions that are still to be stumbled upon... But that is for a different discussion... And for those wanting to find out...

**There Are More Things That Exist "Out There" ... They You Can Even Imagine !! ... But As Far As That "Discussion" ... Let's Not !! ... As It Is Quite Difficult To Explain Such Things ... When You Haven't Even Begun To Understand ... "The Basics" !!

And NO... It is no ET/ alien agenda...

**Don't Be So Sure !! ... Oh Yes ... By The Way ... Those There ... That Are Disconnected From All Life ... On The World Of Which You Reside ... & From Life In The Cosmos ... These ... Are The Actual "Aliens" !! ... Foreigners ... Who's Sights Are Based On The Death & Destruction ... Of All Things !!

So don't confuse topics, and surely don't talk about things you don't understand.

**Talk About Being Confused ... & Not Understanding !! ... Sheesh !!!


Farewell For Now !!

 Quoting: ST In BG 31096262


You are kidding right???

A few posts ago you where unwell due to Lhymes disease or something like that... yet you offer ET healing to others... this is a JOKE right???

You realize, that in your reply all that you did was attempt to show that you know more than I would... but your arguments fell hopelessly short... cos it was closer to a response a 14 year old will give when unsure of how to answer.

I am not here to learn, debunk or a troll, you even know that.. I am just here to lend an opinion that quantifies or "reasons" the ET agenda mind-washing you are putting out.

Your "so called" kind ST - ET's ... where NEVER "gods" or higher than humanity... it may even irk you that human-kind is so above you... hahaha... yoda

 Quoting: Truthseeker 31333354

Yes, you are here ONLY to Troll, debunk, etc. You have nothing of Intelligence to offer...yet, constantly try to have something to say.

If you would only read some of this massive Information perhaps you would start Thinking again. Obviously, that has not happened.

ST In BG is the Conduit...and yes, does get ill as do we all in the 3D bodies. He, especially, gets ill from the constant exposure to to Higher Energies in a body that is not designed to stand this kind of exposure. Thankfully, the ETs are constantly helping to repair these ailments.

As to others getting healing by the ETs...YES!! Many of us have experienced these healings. Others who wouldn't Understand may call these "miracles". But those who are more enlightened may tend to remember the Visitations..or part of them.

You have nothing to offer this Thread. So why don't you be a good dooby and be silent now. You only show your ignorance.

 Quoting: Truth2 1448050

You andromedan concil troll! I5 and I7 are done for. Stella police hot on their tail. They dont have orders to get from the concil anymore, which is beyond coorupted.

They Sold Terra Soul to the alpha draconians just so they could play shift the blame game.

Gambling too many sins i see!

We are not currency, you hear! We are the ballance and you will have to answer to Stella. Niburu has been arrested and released on condition to be used as Hook line and sinker for detering the Cooruption ring of the andromedan concil and of the 9 originals.
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