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Greetings: Moogle: User ID: 4616

ST in BG:


What is the glimmering light I often see ahead of me when I awake mentaly in my dreams when trying to astral project? One time there was a hard jerk associated with it.

**Well?? ...I Am No Expert On This ... So I Can Only Speculate/Guess !! ...The Only Thing That Comes To Mind Are Reports Of People That Have Had "Near Death Experiences !! ... Where They Go Down A Long Tunnel ... To A Source Of Light ...Or See A Source Of Light !! ... Now This "Light" As Has Been Reported By Others ... Has Taken On The Form Of Loved Ones, Angelic Figures & So On !! ...I BelieveAnything That The IndividualIsComfortable With !! ...A Guide I Would Say They Are !!

I was in a lucid dream once where I could choose what song I could listen to and I tried to sing along with what I picked. I didn´t know the order to the words exactly, though I had heard the song many times, but was hearing it play in my dream straight through. Any ideas about this? I could pick any song I wanted at that time lol.

**Hmmm ?? ...That Is A Strange One !! ... I Know Harmonics Work Differently On Different Levels !! ...ButThis Is Something More !! ... Something Different !! ...A TestPerhaps ??? ... A Variation Of ... Name That Tune ??? ...You Got Me !!

Any ideas about what I would like to do for a living (lol just curious what you would come up with)? Having problems figuring out something I could do feasiblythatI would reallyenjoythatwould fulfill me.

*Well I Would Recommend What I Have Read In Several Books...Something To The Effect Of ...FollowingOnesOwn Excitement !! ... Do That Which StimulatesYou !! ...That MakesYou Happy & Feel Like Living !! ... *The First Order Of Business Is To Find Out ... What Makes You Excited And/Or Happy ?? ...And Then Go From There !!

What´s a good way to get in touch with yourself? I have been mediating and trying to astral project.

*Well Methods Vary !! ...What Works For One ... Does Not Work For Another !! ...*ForExample: Meditation Just Does Not Work For Me !! ... But By Total Accident One Time ...At A New Age Shop ...The Perprioter Asked Me To Hold A Large Stone/Rock ...And Him What I Felt !! ... *I Was Honest & Told Him ...I FeltNothing!! ...ButThen I Told Him ... In My Mind I Saw "Energy Bubbles" !! ...HeSaid Well ... That´s What I Meant !! ... *Later I Found That I Had A Very Strong Talent In Psychometry (Holding An ObjectAnd Picking Up/Reading The Vibrations/Energies Recorded On It !!)...And MoreSpecifically I Had A Talent Using Psychometry With Stones/Rocks !! ... Being AbleTo Connect With Them ... Hearing Sounds & Seeing In My Mind Images!! ... Also Talkng & Connecting To Other Beings/Lifeforms In Diffferent Times !! ... And Talking With The Rocks/Stones Themselves !! ... Of Which They Are Great Conversationalists !!

*I Also Found Several Pieces Of Music That Connect To/With Me !! .... Both I Can Sing Along With & Use As "Mantras" ... 1. Eagle By: ABBA ... 2. Ebudae By: Enya !! ...*The First Recording: "Eagle" ... Is A Song About Eagles ...And One Can Close Their Eyes & Actually Put Themselves In An Eagle Body ...Riding On The Breeze ... The Other Song: Ebudae ... Sounds Like A Tribal Song With Drum ... & Chanted !!

I am a good person but often fall short of thatin theeyesof othersand my conscious. Most of my lifehasbeena fight to surviveand I want to find some peace. I don´t know what to do though I would really like to help with improving lifehere

**WellFrom What I Understand ... The Only Person That Can Be Your Judge & Jury ...IsYou !! ...*Forget TheOthers !! ... If You Don´t Measure Up To Their Standards !! ... Make Your Own Standards & Be Happy With Yourself !! ...LoveYourself First ... Then You Can Love Others !!

**Yes I Know Full Well...The Struggle For Survival !! ... We Have All Had To Go Through Our ShareOf This !! ... Not Fun !!!...*Well What You Need InsteadOf Peace My Friend ... Is Something That Makes You Happy & Occupy´s Your Time !! ...And Even Better ... If You Can Make A Living Off Of It !! ... *Even For Myself In My Next Embodiment I Don´t Get To Rest ... I Have Jobs I Need To Perform !! ...I Guess It Is True What Is Stated About ... No Rest For The Wicked !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

**You Need To Make A "Self Evaluation" Of What You Are "Good At" !! ... Your Beings, Physical, Mental & SpiritualTalents !! ... And Use These Skills To Help Others In Need !! ... And In Doing So ... You Help Not Only These People ... But Yourself & The World You Reside On !! ... *As To SkillsWriteThese All Down ... But Don´t Overlook Very Basic Skills ... That May Be Dismissed Out Of Hand !! ... *Such For Example You Live Out In The Country & Are Around Animals Alot & Take Care Of Them !! ... One Might Dismiss ThisAs ...WellNoone Would Be Interested In Some Hick Farmer Who Raises Rabbits, Goats, Pigs, Chickens, Horses, Cattle !! ... *Now I Would Be The One To Say Hey !! ...Check This Out !! ... Someone Who Really Knows How To Milk A Cow !! ...Shoe A Horse ... Gather Eggs ... Milk A Goat ... Very Basic Skills That One Day May Come In Handy !!! ... *These Are But Examples !! ... But The Point I Am Making Is ... You Have Great Talents & More Talents Then What You Think You Do !!

I have been smoking weed a lot for the past 2 years and been clean for 8 months... I feel trapped alive with no outlet for myself..

**Ok !! ...WellYou Don´t Have A "Preset/Established" Outlet For Yourself !! ...BeCreative !! ...Dream OneUp !! ...*Like It IsDoneIn Politics All The Time!! ...If The Position Is Not There ... Create The Position !!.

Is what ALIEN was saying about his race killing all humans true? IWould have to oppose him because they would slaughter so many and I wouldn´t want a life under ONE RULE even if there was peace... I would want no rule with God and therefore would choose to die... What would you choose?

**No !! ...And Even If It Was...Such ThingsWould BePrevented!! ... *Something Else Was Happening With That Poster ??? ... An Unbalancing ... An Unsettling !! ... It Is True That ThisWorld Needs To Be Brought Together !! ... But Not Under Fascist & Nazi Rule !! ...WhileI Am Not One Who BelievesIn A "God"...I Will Say That ... Those Who Consider Themselves ..."Supported By God" ...That Their "God" Supports Their Actions ... Are Out And Out Liars !! ...And Way Out Of Touch With "Reality" !!


Thank you for your time :P I am lost in the present, tortured by the past, and weary of the future... your average citizen with a number in this world I suppose :D

**You Are Quite Welcome!! ... Yes I Know That Feeling Very Well !! ... *No Not Average & Most Definately Not A Number !! ... But A Very Much Individualistic Being !! ...And Somebody You Should Be Proud Of & Proud To Know !!
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