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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: Amy: User ID: 31249234

**In Response To: Truth2: User ID: 1448050 ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!

Last time I remember talking about orbs with you, that dimensional beings are very busy, that they would not have time to play trick with me... right?

Not long after that, in my dream, I heard my door bell ringing!

Its my people, they were flooding in my apartment, from grandparents to parents to uncles aunts sisters brothers cousins ...!!!! Too many of them, I was so overwhelmed to
even count the number!

I asked: how you guys are all here?!

But in the mean time, I was running around cleaning my messy place....hahaha!

Really should I be more careful about what I say or think? Hahaha

They said : we were on our bus tour, we canceled it and decide to drop by!

Long time no see, oh your nose looks more straight, oh your skin whiter, oh you look more beautiful , .... they made me blushed both from embarrassment and compliments....how strange...haha

It must be that They, the orneries who have reallly visited me with play and trick...hehe!

I kept wondering for a few days ... couldn't figure out the meaning of this funny sudden visit ... today I recalled my last post about Orbs... I laughed and laughed...hahaha!

**Hee Hee Hee !! ... Well ... ?? .... Hee Hee Hee !!!

I love that everytime I feel like doing something,

I notice the time 11:11. 2:22. 12:12 .... and its like I am being communicated ... during those times...

**And "Other Times" As Well !!

I am not sure...its just the feeling...of doing the right things. you may want to experiment this sometimes.

I remember having a dream about my old ears dried out and new ears come.

I have kept that in mind... now I understand the meaning of the dream...it has something to do with me experiencing
new hearing ...

**New Heightened/Changed Senses/Awareness !!

I was even gifted a best guitar ...hehe...

**Very Nice !!

I never enjoyed sounds and making songs this much.

**Hmmm !!

So much transformations going on...

**Indeed It Is !!

Of course it means my appreciation to those of you ET friends family who. Listening and Helping from time to time.

**Yes Of Course !! ... And You Are Very Welcome !!

Thinking of ST too

** "ST Too" ... Went Out With ... "ST2" For The Night !! ... Went ... "On The Town" !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

hoping you are fine!

**Well No ... As The Conduit Usually Replies ... "No ... I'm Course !! ... Everyone Else Is Fine" !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

I'd like to share more dreams :

- I was in a place dark, couldn't see anything around. Someone knocked on top of my head, to make me look up!

- I looked around behind and then up on the sky, just to realize I started to fly / float levitate.

- and so I kept looking up...to fly up and down ... with real excitement. I even went home telling everyone that I could
levitate and fly!!!

- I then heard the communication from the person who knocked my head, he said I can levitate when my bottom is hot and top is cold?

Something like...I create a space that is hot below and cold above...that leads to interactions between matters...that is how I could fly?

- I woke up feeling amazed ... as it must be a teacher trying to teach me something here...

Next scene :

I was informed from a brother that exam coming up ... again final exam...

**Hmmm !! ... FINAL Exam(s) !!

He was giving me all lessons since beginning of the course ...from our teachers, with the message :

I am to go through and review all of them ...!

**Hmmm !!

Although Its of subject that I am good at ... this reviewing task is quite huge and lengthy.

**Most Interesting !!

Next scene :

Saw myself finding way out ... battling in some kind of game/ matrix ... its hard to find the gate/key ...

I was then told that there are 19 layers of the system...?!!!

**Curious !! ... 19 ?? .... January 19th ?? ... 19:00 Hours ... 7:00 P.M.??

I was even trying to count...those real high walls upon walls ...like elevator going through 19 levels til you can get out above of it all.

**Hmmm !!!

**There Is The Dream/Vision The Conduit Had ... In Asking WHEN ... That Nibiru Would Appear/Show Up ... Of Which In A Half Awake/Half Dream State ... The Date: February 3rd ... Kept Appearing ... In Large White Letters/Number (s) !!

**Just Out Of Curiosity ... The "Super Bowl" (National Football League (N.F.L.) Championship Game Is ... February 3rd ... In New Orleans, Louisiana ... At The Superdome ... Night Game ... Think Usual Start/Kick Off ... Is 6:30 P.M. Eastern Time.

**Also ... There Was A Movie Made ... About A
Tragedy At A Super Bowl ... Which Involved A Blimp ?? ... Some "Created Events" ??

**Ahhh ... Here It Is ... Black Sunday (1977 Film)

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

**So ... Something (s) To Watch/Look Out For ... Of This Date/"Linear Time Period" !!

Farewell For Now !!

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