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Greetings: sasha: User ID: 25645424


Can you pleaseeeee help me back up on the Fence because you know the fence has become higher then when i hopped off.

**It's One Of Those ... "Falling Off The Horse" ... Kind Of Things !! ... You Dust Yourself Off ... & Try Again !! .... (Or You Get Yourself ... A Smaller Horse !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!!)

It's like things for awhile all became as if the outside knowledge has become clamped down and or i haven't been able to get any other real information out of other sources

**Well ... Some Have Clamps ... & Others Ran Out !! ... There Are "Sources" ... But Not Everyone Has Accessibility ... Is Able To "Tap In" ... As It Were !!

so i really need your help ST in sharing any updates with us as to what is happening

**We Will Share What We Can ... What We Are Allowed !!

that although it may not be a delay but at least so that we can have an idea on roughly about how many more moments we may actually have

**When We Can ... If We Are Allowed To Do So !!

if you have any knowledge you can share of the closeness of Nibiru or if Nibiru has come out of a wormhole recently and is being seen more clearly/more visible and more close by some people here on Earth ?

**See Previous !! ... When Information Is Given/Released !!

OK. we must be doing something right or were as a species / race or what ever you want to call us doing and or acomplishing something positive that we are getting prolonged extra moments of experience in these forms as i put it as i am speaking from a 3rd density perspective ..

**Then Again ... Maybe The Suffering Is Being Prolonged ??? ... To Prepare For ... "Real Suffering" (Well ... For Some ... Who Want The Experiences !! ... & For Others Who Need To Be Reminded ... On What It Is ... That You Do ... & What It Is ... That You Don't Do !!

As otherwise we would be long gone by now but we've been granted more moments.

**There Are "Reasons" For Everything !! ... & Not Necessarily Are They ... The Same Reasons ... That Might "Out Front & Apparent" !!

So as i'm not aware what i'm suppose to be doing here.

**Evidently Not !!

Let's have fun while we can but we have to do our mundane work but have fun live love and experience.

**Hmmm !!

Yes i'm talking from a 3rd density understanding with my words.

**So It Would Seem !!

So, maybe Lord Anu is granting us extra moments

**Perhaps ??

whatever the case may be live the best you can while you can here.

**Always !!

sure wish i knew why i was here.

**All You Need To Do Is ... Ask !! .... No ... Not The Conduit ... But US/WE ... Aboard Ship !!

Anyway's Donny Gillson, what the heck thinking Nibiru or planet x or whatever you want to call it blew up and now think the debris field from the planet is heading our way, sheesh shame on you !!

**Sounds Like He Has Been ... "Gotten To" !!

ST , i guess were stuck here for awhile , yep that stickum is really a strong adhesive hehe.

**But Of Course It Is !! ... Ask The Old "Oakland Raiders" ... Worked For Them !! ... Hee Hee Hee !!

Anyway's not much on the Nibiru front.

**Check Out The "Nibiru Back" ... "Nibiru Sides" ... "Nibiru Top/Bottom" !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

Don't know , oh well i guess it's meant to be that were pretty much blinded from what is coming in.

**So It Might Seem !!

Oh well. will watch the packers and 49ers later tomorrow.

** And Root For Your Favorite Team ... The San Francisco 49ers !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!

ST, i care about you alot. i really really do . you are like my best friend because i feel so lonely although i do have aisa yet i feel lonely . very lonely and it's also difficult living with my condition.

**Consider The Conduit ... & All The Other ET's That Are On Terra/Earth ... Who Have To Deal With .... "Those
Who Are Not Awakened" ... On A Constant Basis !! ... Having Nothing At All In Common With Them ... & Of Their Being "Programmed" !! ... It's Enough To ... Drive Ones To Madness ... If They Let It Get To Them !!

**As Is ... Trying Not To Be Exposed To Them ... (Which Is Not Always Possible !!) ... Is Often The Better Solution !!

**You Don't Know What "Loneliness" Is ... Of Part Of Yourself ... Having To Be (For Those "Times" One Cannot
Help Doing So !!) ... Around "Humans" ... When They Would Rather Be ... Around Their ET Friends, Colleges ... Other
ET Beings !!

**Yes ... The Beings On Terra/Earth ... Are Of "ET Energies" Within The Bodies ... Though It's The "Playing Human" & Being Convinced They Are "Human" ... Which Is The Problem !! ... What Do They Say On Terra/Earth ?? ... Being Alone In A Crowd ?? ... A Stranger In A Strange Land ???

**There Are Very Few That Do Understand ... That Can & Do Relate ... Though They Too Have To Deal With ... The "Unawakened" ... The "Mundane" ... Who Just Exist ... & Rely On "Programmings" ... To Get Through Their Day ... & Their Lives !! ... Not To Mention All The "Artificial Crap" That Is Forced On To Beings There !! ... It Is NOT ... A Way To Live ... To Exist !! ... It Is No Wonder That Ones There On Terra/Earth ... Cannot Cope !!

Maybe it's just me, well i think not. but anyway's don't worry about those cruel people who post here.

**We Don't !!

u know i apreciate u and i know and i just feel that u are telling the truth about Nibiru and are not faking that it exist or not that u really know that Nibiru does really really exist and isn't made up and fantasy but is really really and a real planet and not just some made up bull ship that some people want us to believe.

**It Exists !! ... US/WE Are THERE !!

take care,

your hopefully best friend and i want to visit your world and worlds u know i would love to experience the different ships available.

**You Will Experience !!

take care my friend,

i consider u best friend now.

take care everyone,

You Too !!


Farewell For Now !!

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