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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings; Amy: User ID: 32261731

I recently had a visit from friends and elders ' family from a very far place...perhaps ETs from another planet or dimension?

**Hmmm !!

The set - up of our meeting and conversations were so so comfortable and delightful : A bed room ...with lights all
off...around 5 or 6 of us on same blanket, warm and totally peaceful ... we were discussing about problems of politics and controlling governments.

I remember last time when we had a meeting ...the set up place was a camping fire ...where everyone whispering in each other ears... communicating ... we were talking about some secret plans ...

Through ST In BG 's posts I now understand that people appearances and names and places locations in the dreams are for purposes of ease and comfort...

**But Of Course !!

So , you may want to have a notepad near your bed and write down your dreams every morning when you wake up.... because dreams are mostly communications from ET friends and family and teachers ...in many places... or they may be journeys places you travel when you are out of body.

**Correct & Very Very True !!

I remember last night in my dream I traveled around the street markets... having home made street foods ...talking with people who make their living on the streets, hearing their stories and experiences ...

**Hmmm !!

its kind of nice when you can visit many places out - of - body during sleep, where you cant go during day time in physical body. And No plane tickets needed hehe.

**Why Would Anyone Ride/Travel ... In Those Structurally Unsafe ... & Poorly Designed Means Of Conveyance ???

Edit : comforting set - up for meetings are often for discussing purposes.

But if some ET orneries want to have some fun , they usually come in strange times ... which I am caught in embarrassment every time ...

recently : I was hanging my underwears in the house and suddenly they jump in saying Hello ....hahahhaha.!!!

Oh and last time when toilet was ...stuck ...I was managing figuring out ...then there they jumped in saying Howdy... hahaha!!

**Well ... The Need To Make Contact ... Is Sometimes Contingent ... On Moments That You ... Can't Get Away For
Awhile !! ... Or Maybe Even ... Curiosities !! .... Hee Hee Hee !!!

I 'd like to share today 's dreams :

First one: I saw a complete set of codes / puzzle pieces - they are like alphabet symbols... I saw us choosing / taking most important pieces in secret and ran away , in some kind of vehicle that looked like a wagon.

It was raining heavily, winds were strong but we kept running, the further the better...no matter where it would be...before they (?) would catch us ..

I was there, but not physically, I realize that because I count the number of seats ... there were 3 seats totally, the couple with their daughter ... I was behind them, with an uncle ... we were helping them through sharing thoughts? Telepathy?

**Hmmm !!

Second dream :

I saw us in a space / house ...that used to be protected / prevented from other worlds / dimensions ... through many doors and gates ...

And Now those doors are no longer close ... they are all opened up ... we now have all different kinds of non - physical beings coming in ... our space are quite crowded now ...

I was there ...seeing us being ready to get to know and understand of outside worlds, those that we used to be so afraid of ... I was scared at first but then I realized they were so much friendlier than I had imagined.

I was kind of surprised actually. I thought the space that I was in, there were just a few of us ... but when every door unlocked, its like WOW... so much crowded and fun..how come I had never knew that...

**Hmmm !!

**Very Very Interesting Curious "Dreams" !! ... & Thanks For Sharing !!

**The Conduit's "Dreams" ... Have Been Near/Next To Blank ... Little To No Remembrances !! ... & Then When He Has Had A "Dream" ... It Has Been More "Mundane" ... With Little Understanding ... Of How This Relates ... To His Role/Place In Things That Are Happening ... Going To Happen !!

**In Response To: RightNut: User ID: 32939787 ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!

Well... I was throwing a boomerang! Hehe!

Look... he presences himself as an AH constantly saying ST talking BS and then pretend to be 'respectful' and 'humorous ' ..but look at his words : nonsenses and junks...!

No wisdom ...shallow meaningless... yet constantly preaching others... I just wish he go away now.

**OH Yes !! ... & Just A Lonely Troll !! ... Maybe There Should Be "Troll Ads" ?? ...

**Want Ad Says ... "Lonely Troll With Lovely Under Bridge Home ... Seeking Company & Companionship Of Other Lonely Troll ... To Help Cast Unaware ... Into The Pit Of Eternal Peirl !! ... (Reply To This Ad (Care Of Paper) ... Using Ad Number Provided. ... .Hee Hee Hee !!

Farewell For Now !!

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