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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: sasha: User ID: 25645424

Well ST, i know we discussed a bit on yahoo messenger

but why would being's want the experiences of Real suffering

**Because They What To Experience This !! ... They Are "Curious" Of How This Is !! ... Having Not "Lived Through" Such An Occurance(s) !!

and you had clarified that the real suffering was due to the passage of Nibiru and not of after we leave our bodies?

**Physical Suffering ... At Least Temporary ... If You Are In Those Bodies ... During A Passage(s) Of Nibiru !! ... After Leaving The Bodies ... No !! ... Unless You Don't Like Your New Body/New Job(s) ... Which Is An Extremely Rare Things ... & Which Can Be
Altered/Corrected !!

Also when will the part of others being reminded what to do and what not to do , is this during our life review ?

**Perhaps ... Or During A Life/Lifetime !!

Like after we leave our 3rd density human containers ?

**Or Maybe While Still In The 3rd Density Human Containers !!

Oh yes i do get lonely as a human even if i'm in the presence of other humans i still feel lonely like i don't fit in or i feel like i don't want to belong. i feel as though i'm just existing ,

**A Common Experience For ET's ... Who Are Animating The Terrestrial Bodies ... That Have Difficulty "Adjusting" To Experiences & To How Things Are ... On Terra/Earth !!

just there yet i don't feel completely comfortable with verbatim

**When Where You Come From ... Communicates Telepathically .... It Would Be No Wonder ... That You Are Not Comfortable !!

and i wonder alot what others are thinking but i have no idea and i get paranoid and i don't like that.

**Unfortunately ... The Terrestrial Bodies Have Their Telepathic Facilities "Shut Off" ... Of Which Access (Unless Enhancements Have Been Done) ... Is Not Always Possible !!

So i welcome the changes but i feel it will be awhile of moments yet.

**Such Things Can Happen ... Of Any Moment !!


Since Nibiru is close how come Lord Anu is tolerating human behavior with all this violence and suffering going on ?

Why is he (Lord Anu) not taking care of business and cleaning up our mess like he did with Sodom and Gomorrah ?

**You Would Have To Quiry Lord Anu On This !!

**In Response To: UWE 30784382 ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!

Yes it may be true that the Nibiru topic has declined in interest

but it doesn't change what might possibly occur in the not so distant linear "future".

**Agreed !!

**In Response To: Truthseeker: User ID: 33126445 ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!

"I won't go away... Cos I'm real... Nibiru is not... As for Lord Anu.., tell him to call me... When you get to see him.".

How can you say Nibiru is not real when you assume that Lord Anu is real because your saying that you want to get in contact with him.

**Emm Hmmm !!

Hello but Lord Anu's planet that he resides on is Nibiru just like our planet we reside on is the Earth.

**Lord Anu May Be ... Even Closer !! ... As Is ... The "Troll" Is ... With Their Disrespect ... Skating Dangerously On ... Extremly Thin Ice !! ... They Will Be Convinced ... Oh Will They !!!



You Are Very Welcome !!

Farewell For Now !!

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