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Place to escape: head

The brain is callous. This is also valid in the energetic sense. In the head, we cannot perceive any emotions. We can admittedly think of something dangerous, but the fear then comes from the stomach, for example, not from the head. We can think also something nice, and the body responds to it with good feelings.

The capacity of the brain is so big that virtual worlds can be built there. Into these worlds, we can escape if we are afraid, for example. To our own advantage we design good worlds in the head. The head becomes filled up with religious, moral, spiritual teachings for example. Why not? Thoughts and behaviour are guided by these programs. That means, we usually find people that behave morally perfectly, help others, like to advise others and speak a lot about love. Always much love, love, love. One has the impression, it is a human being with a good heart, but it is a human being with a virtual heart-chakra in the head and a traumatized heart in the breast. A traumatized heart can have a few beautiful hours sometimes, but most of the time it doesn't feel good and the consciousness hangs around in the head.

A virtual heart-chakra looks for confirmation. It would like to help many people (noble knights) or it constantly looks for admiration for its intelligent advice. It can degenerate also in fanaticism. Contentment rarely appears and contact with others only at the surface.

More or less we all belong to this category, therefore donít push it far away from you. And we, with a virtual heart-chakra, can inflict (but donít have to) big damage to others. If we meet a woman, for example, that bravely defends her female energy and she isnít doing well therefore, we gladly give her advices, normally the newest of our spiritual knowledge. Simultaneously, the reptilians can attack the woman on the astral-level. They can use the ousted fear in our heart as canal and can find the woman in an open, undefended condition, since she expects only our help. Often, we also push our own fears to her without somebody noticing it. To make this possible, the man must cover a superior position (advisor, healer, clairvoyant, priest, boss), that the help-seeking person acknowledges.

This principle is not limited on man Ė woman. Itís only a typical example and it happens so extremely frequent. With sufficient time, I could still find a whole book full of examples, how head oriented human beings are used to suck female energy. The basic principle is that people are separated from their feelings, from themselves and, of course, from others. It can already be enough if you sit in front of your computer a few hours that they steal your wifeís energy.

by Franz Erdl
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