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One more Nut message to all.

Oddly enough it was CN who seeded the thought. Just so you know my friend. I have always enjoyed your participation. I am glad you have stayed. May you always have plenty of shoes. LOL. If you did not understand that then you have not read enough of the thread.

The reality of this thread is to gather like energies together...so the ET's can enlighten humans with like energies to the truth about the reality in which we live. Which I call toon town. Thus those of us with like energies quickly connect and feel the truth about what is being said. Why there is no connection with all human I can only guess it is because of the energies in that container are from a different place.

When I first came here to this thread I was arrogant and liked to stir. Which I did under my first nic...AlaskaSomething. I said something cuz I cant remember...AlaskaMan maybe I dont know. If memory serves me correct I gave Truth2 alot of shit. She/He (U and Lefty i dont know)(er i do know but they dont..lol). I am getting lost in my own head here. Too deep in thoughts.

To NutShell the prior yep yap....I had no understanding of what Truth2 was saying at the time. Since I did not understand I stirred and caused some trouble. It was not long tho until I felt connected to the beings that participate here. This is unusual for me as I am a loner in toon town.

After a few years I went back to T2's postings that I once did not understand and what I did not understand then...I do now. Even tho I was stirring...ST's knowledge excited me. The way he talks I found interesting. Trying to word certain responses perfectly so there are no misunderstandings. Well good try my friend, but we are humans. That is not as easy as you thought is it? LOL.

As you all know I am not anything like ST(ST going whew i am glad he said that). I usually irritate everyone at one time or another...ET & Human alike. But hey that is what I do. That is who I am. Some of you figure out why and learn to laugh about it.

Lets think about this for a second...especially the ones that do not like me. To cause trouble on the ET thread if I was the OP...well that might be justified. As i am a bit of an asshole. Moreover just tired of the bs.... So I would probably deserve it.

I am not the OP...ST in BG is the OP. What problems can any of you possibly have with them? Have they ever spoken ill of anyone? Belittled anyone who did not deserve it.

Anyone complaining he said this and he said that....yea ok, but why did he say that....

Some beings can be cruel. All of em human from my perspective. You all know ST has harmed no one. So why are you causing beings that only want to respond to a reasonable question a problem for trying to help....

Also ask yourself if you are proud of your actions. Problem is can you answer honestly?

 Quoting: RightNut 41528578

Very nice post to read today. Thanks for sharing that one RN.

I wanted to share to the other poster that somehow thought I did not know yet that death is not death but a continuance of the Consciousness that lived with the Host in it's Fleshly years, its early developmental stage..

I laugh at it, I should say I laugh cause it's so funny to fear the one thing I cannot have any control over.

I respect the death and I respect the ones who could squish me like a bug, yet they allow me to live and learn. It humbles me that I have the opportunity at all.

Hello to all in here.

Hey The Operator, I watched that video you just posted.
IS there any significance to it, or were you meaning just as in general, it's time for ?

I see like 3 or 4+ different paradigms playing itself out right here which is fascinating to me to watch in real time.
The god's Word only paradigm, the Universal Salvation [sounds more believable when connecting a 'God' of Love and Spirit to the whole Story of US], and the paradigm of interacting with ET -regardless of their respective natures of being evil or good. There is the All is illusion one too I read not so long ago in here...

I should be allowed to judge that for myself though.

I should also be kind enough to acknowledge that others here fear for my spiritual well being. Thank you for that. I am one of you I take it. I'm not much on fear. I'm really pissed off at the world atm. Humanity in general for how utterly stupid and ignorant she has become. It seems to double in intensity every day now.

I don't belong to any one single paradigm.
I must fall in between the cracks.
It is how I feel at the moment these days. :-(

Not reaching from any sympathy here, just being real with ya'll.

I don't feel I know anything except that there is something that lives within me, yet feels separate, and since there truly is no separation [all cells connect to eachother], then I must be experiencing what the real 'I' is -within this body. I also know death is illusion. I also know, I know nothing on what to expect when I take this garment of flesh off, other than to come and do it all over again. I want off this wheel!

I want off, my own way, yet a way that is and has always been designed for- by the Father of Lights [I call that God since I don't use the term God anymore, except for purpose of demonstrating or like now].

I want off, yet not at the expense of another!!!
I feel the one who birthed my soul would rather be pleased I tried to find It [Him/Her/It].

That I started searching one day and never stopped trying, even to departing.

I want to get off and so I listen to romania [who vicariously transmits Bartley], I listen to Operator, I listen to ST, RightNut, Lefty, Spirit, Wispy, Amy, AC, & I listen to all I can, because I will never stop to hear as much as I can-as long as the data is adding to what experience as already given to me to know. I have a foundation and I build Truth upon it- slowly as I go.
I'll keep my foundation to myself for now.
I feel only some soft anticipation that St in BG will be able to reply to my questions.
At this point, I worry more that he will have to spend pages just in rebuttals and rebukes and all that along the way.

But it is all for purposes of demonstrating as someone I know and frequent his website much these days -would say [grin] ;-)
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