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Greetings: Ravinoff: User ID: 44530

A few more questions to add..

How come Japan attack Pearl Harbor?

**There Is The One Suggestion Read ... That They Were Forced Into Such An
Action ... In Order To Break Up/Strike Back At Those Responsible For An "Blockade" Of Vital Supplies In Which To Survive !! ... Knowledge To Defend Such An Attack ... And News That A "Japanese Strike Force"
Was Coming ... Was "Intentionally Withheld" So As To "Paint The Picture" ... The Way That Certain Individuals Wanted It Painted !!

Do you know what the Symbol of the Beast(666) refers to?

**A Copy Of A Copy Of A Copy !!

How close is the American Economy to complete collapse?

**Depending Upon A View ... It Has Already Collapsed !! ... As That Has Been The Plan From The Beginning !!

What It Boils Down To Is ... There Are Certain Individuals That Know Of
Nibiru's (Planet) Imminent Return ... And Choose To "Play The Game" Of
Power/Control/Greed ... Until The Last Available Moment ... Then After They
Have Bled Everything Dry ... Killed Off As Many Beings As They Can (The
Young/Weak/Elderly) ... And When it Is Time To Seek Shelter ... They Will
Go Into Well Stocked "Shelters" ... To Wait Things Out !! ... (Letting
Anyone "On The Surface" To "Take Their Chances" For Survival !!) ... **Then After It Is "All Clear" To Come Back Onto The Surface ... (In The
"Aftertime") These "Individuals" Will Take On The Position Of Kings/Rulers
... Using "Survivors" As Slaves To Rebuild/Reconstruct !! ... *This Is One Varied Plan !! ... (Or So They Think/Believe !!)

Do you have any suggestions on how to prepare for this?(suggestions could
include moving to a specific area[like I'd assume rural areas are going to be safer],stocking up on certain supplies, learning certain procedures, etc)

**We Would Suggest Getting Away From The Cities !! ... Which Will Be A
Deathtrap ... Close To & When The Changes Come About !! ... To "Head To The Hills" ... As The Expression Goes !! ... Learn All There Is From
Books/Materials That Instruct One On ... How To Survive/Survival Skills !! ... Learn Again To Subsist & Live Like Your Grandparents & Great
Grandparents Did !! ... Without The Help/Assistance Of Governments (Which Will Collapse/Implode On Their Own !!) ... **These Skills Will Become
Necessary For What Lies Ahead !!

You said they used Project BlueBeam in the 911 "incident", how?

**The Technology Exists To Create Solid Looking "Holograms" Using The
"Air" As Supporting Medium !! ... *This Technology Is Nothing New ... As It Was Used On The Island/Continent Aztlan (Atlantis)

Please tell me everything you can about MK Ultra, the Montauk Experiment and the Philadelphia Experiment.

**Too Much To Tell !!

Can you validate any information given by channelers of other extraterrestrials?

**We Would Say The Earlier Channeled Works Of Lyssa Royal ... (Before The
Merger With: "The Flower Of Life" Materials) ... *The Information On The
Apex World & The Zetas ... Although Being "An Overview" ... Is Accurate !! ... There Are "Other Sources" As To My Own Kind ... That We Have Found Valid Also !! ... That Are Not Necessarily "Channeled" !!

Do you know of any channelers that can be trusted?(Mike Quinsey if one channeler im interested in)

**This Area Has Not Been Kept Up On In The 3rd Dimensional Body !! ... So We
Cannot Say/State !!

What can you tell me about The Ashtar Command and Lord Ashtar?

**To Be Avoided !!

What can you tell me about the Illuminati? Do they have different
sects that fight one another, or are they all allied against humans for
world domination?

**I Am Not An "Insider" On Such Things ... So Cannot Properly Answer Your Question !!

This goes back to my previous question(What can we do to prepare our
body/mind for the transition). Imagine you were in my position, I'm firmly
grounded in 5-sense reality and caught up in stupid "earthly" games of money
and power and other things of great unimportance in large-scale thinking,
what would YOU be doing if you were me? (my main concern is I'm going to be
left behind, and put back into another 3d hell/prison)

**See The Above Answer !! ... You Are Not Really "Caught Up" In Anything !!
... You Agreed To Be Here At This Linear Time ... And So You Are !! ...
*However As I Am Not From This Density Either ... And Was Altered To Be Able
To Exist In This Body ... I Can Only Advise The Same Advise I Give To Myself ... Hold On ... Help Is On The Way !! ... In The Form Of Nibiru's
Arrival/Passage !! ... Soon ... Really Soon I Am Told !! ... When That
Is/May Be ... I Cannot Say !! ??

Who are making the thousands of crop circles, and for what purpose do
they serve? Can you give me an in-depth analysis of what a specific crop
circle means/is doing? (lets use this one [link] )

**A Combination Of Extraterrestrial Intelligences, Earth Energies, Native
Terrans, Paid Debunkers, "Artists", Those Wishing To "Prove" That It Can
Be Done By Themselves, Those Who Have Nothing Better To Do !! ... "Military" (Through The Use Of "Microwave Technology) !!

**No I Cannot Per The Link !! ...
[link to www.lucypringle.co.uk] ... However I May
Suggest Things Which Immediately Were Focused On !! ... The Center Seeing
Another Representation Of: "The Winged Disk" (Nibiru) ... (2) Feathered Raptor Shapes (Horus The Hawk = Nibiru) Around A
Circle/Sun !! ... Early Mayan Calendar Writing/Glyphs On The Outer Ring ?? ... Ahh The Message Is
More Clear Now !! ... One Hawk Represents Arrival Of Nibiru In This Solar System & Around The Sun/Star "Sol" ... While The Other Hawk Represents Departure (2nd Passage Going Back Out !!) ... The Outer Ring (Starting At
The Top (In The Middle Of The Hawks) & Reading Clockwise) Tells Of The
Various "Observation Points" (As Nibiru Passes) From Sol ... If One Was
Standing In The Middle & Looking Outward !! ... The Various "Glyphs" May Represent "Forces" Also !! ... Magnetic/Gravitational Forces ... As Well As "Natural Forces" (Earth, Air, Fire, Water).

Do you know of any government projects that involve psychic

**There Is The Suggestion That Microwave Towers ... (That Are Openly Used For "Cell Phone Communications") Are Employed In Such A Fashion !!

I have recently lost the "will" to continue my journey here, and I talked to a lot of people with similar feelings. I then found a source(might be unreliable) that said they started projecting out "Why Bother?" psychic influences on the population.

**Yes This "Loss" Has Been Effecting Many Beings On Terra/Earth ... Who Are
Here To Help/Serve Others !! ... They Know (As I Know In 3rd Density)
That Literally ... Time Grows Short !! ... That The Main Changes Will Soon Be Upon Us !! ... *We See The Beings Around Us Who Have Allowed
"Others" To Step In ... And Run/Rule Their Lives (In Their Own
"Interests/Agendas") For Them !! ... *We Know That Literally Things Have
Become So "Bad" That Many Of Us Have Given Up Hope !! ... And Wish To Depart !! (Of Which Many Have Done Already !!) ... However Know That No Matter What "The Powers That Be" Have Planned ... It Will Come To Naught !! ... And There Will Be A Reckoning !! ... As While Those That Believe They Are In Charge ... Think They Have The "Upper Hand" !! ... There Are Those With Far Greater
Powers ... That Are Just Itching/Biting At The Bit ... To Step In & "Clean House" !! ... And Of Those That "Dispense (Galactic) Justice" ... They Don't Have Lawyers To Allow The Guilty To Escape Punishment !! ... Which Even By Terrestrial Standards May Seem/Appear Brutal !!

Thanks again!

**You Are Most Welcome !!

Farewell For Now !!

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