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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: Anonymous Coward: User ID: 2786

Dear ST,

I`ve followed your thread for some time now and have been very
impressed consistently of your vast knowledge and advanced wisdom and

**Thank You Very Kindly !!

I`ve even given up my belief in Jesus/Christ...which was very
difficult at first due to my life long love and admiration for this

**Well One Can Still Love & Admire The "Base Roots" Of Which This
"Composite Being" Was Created !!

All that you have said rings as `truth` to me and I have
accepted totally EVERY WORD of information that you have so graciously
presented us with and I have the deepest of gratitude for your sharing of your precious time!

**Thank You !!

**Well I May "Fib" Every So Often ... Just To Test One ... & Throw Them Off
Guard Too !! ... Hee Hee Hee !! ... So You Have Got To Think & Be On Your
Toes/Tippy Toes !! ... Heee Heee Heee !!!

However,I am in a state of shock over your opinion of the Ashtar Command! I have known of this being and his crew for decades now. I`m extremely open minded,I hold on very loosely to all my beliefs which has served me well in acceleration along my spiritual path. These comments you have made of this person[Ashtar]is the ONLY thing that you have stated on this entire thread that just doesn`t resonate well with me.

**Oh Ok !!

Believe me,this feeling I have is not due to my uneasiness to surrender to
new thought,afterall I have totally relinquished my relationship with "Christ" [thanks to you],proud of myself,it was "a breeze".

**Well To The "Fictional Created Christ" ... There Were Living
Beings/Characteristics That Were Taken/Borrowed ("Stolen") To Make Up This "Composite" ... And Then Twisted & Contorted/Distorted The Messages !!

I`ve carefully read all of their channelings[Ashtar Command]and have
had much experience with personal contact. It is very evident to me that
these beings could have NO hidden service-to-self agenda.

**Oh Ok !!

Infact,most of their messages ,at essence,are very similar to yours and
their only apparent motive[same as yours] is to serve for the Highest Good!

**Actually One Has To "Volley" For The Highest Good First !! ... Then If
They Win The Serve ... They Can "Serve For The Highest Good" !! ... Hee Hee
Hee !!

Do you know or have you heard of a being who calls himself Sananda?

**I Have Heard Of The Being Who Is "Channeled" Who Calls Himself This !!

Supposedly he`s the entity who was known as Jesus when upon the Earth?!
???? confused

**Yes ... "Supposedly" !! ... Therein Lies The Thought/Question !! ... Does
This Not Seem To You To Be Just A Little Like "Jesus In A Space Suit" ??? ... To Use The "Fan Base" Of Those That Believe In Benevolent Extraterrestrial Beings & Being Rescued When The Changes Begin ... And Use This "Fan Base" To Create A
"Belief/Space Religion !! ... "Red Flags" Should Instantly Raise
When Such A "Channeled Being" Says That They Were Known As Jesus (Which Didn't Exist !!) When They Were Upon Terra/Earth !!

**Religions & "Beliefs" Have Long Been Recorded In Your Planetary History
... As Being Used To Brainwash & To Control The Masses !! ... Causing Much Death & Destruction !!

**There Have Even Been Individuals On Terra/Earth ... Of "Religious Means" ... Who Have Said That They Would Desire To Convert Extraterrestrial Beings To "God" !! ... Oh Boy & Oh Brother !!! ... So There Is Not Just The Desire To Contamine Terra/Earth With These Falsehoods ... But To Take
Them Out Into Space As Well !! (As If There Is Not Enough Problems To Be Concerned With !!)

**Thankfully We As A People (The People/One People) Do Not Have "Religion" ... However We Do Have What Might Be Best Described As A "Philosophy" ... That Connects To All Things Everywhere !! ... So Of "Religion & Beliefs" We Stay/Steer Clear Of ... As Things To Be Avoided !!

Farewell For Now !!

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