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As Per Truth2's Request ... I Am *Reposting/Copying The Posting/Visions/Information I Was Given About Nibiru & It's Upcoming Passage(s) Near Terra/Earth & Through The Sol Sun/Star System !! ... *As Posted On The "Incoming And It's Not Venus" Thread !!

**The Posting Is As Follows ...

User ID: 13215

Greetings: Dee: User ID: 24595

User ID: 11302
2/14/2006 11:24 PM

Now you sound like someone who knows what they are talking about.. Thank you for that..

**You Are Very Welcome !! ... I Know This As I Had/Have ... Both Anunnaki & The People/One People (Known As: Zeta Reticulian) Lifetimes !!

What do you think of Sitchen and do you think Planet X is still in one

**As To: Zecharia Sitchin ?? ... I Think He Is Most Knowledgeable (Although Not Perfect ... Who Is ??) ... In Translating & Bringing Forth The Material On Nibiru ... The Anunnaki ... & The History Of The Creation Of This System ... This Planet (Terra/Earth) ... & What Happened Long Long Ago (In Linear Time !!)

**Yes I Know That Nibiru Is Completely Intact ... (I Have Sensed This !!
... As Having Been/Being One Of The Anunnaki ... I Would Necessarily Sense
These Energies !!) ... & This World Will Be Coming Back This Way ... In It's "Elliptical Orbit" (Stretched Rubber Band Orbit) !! ... Of (+ Or - ) 3,657 Terrestrial Years !!

** As To When ?? ... When I Have Asked On This ...

I Was Given The Vision Of A "Tribal Chief" Looking Into The Sky ... He Was
Saying Sooonnnn .... Sooonnn !! ... (I Knew This Scene As Taken From The
("Positive/Giving Hope For Terra/Earth") Movie: Official Denial (Dealing With: Detainment By Extraterrestrial Beings) Starring: Parker Stevenson, Erin Gray, Chad Everett & Others) ... *The Scene Had To Do With The Grandfather "Tribal Chief" Being Taken In A Pickup Truck During The Night To A Certain Spot/Area In A Forest ... By His Grandson !! ... The Grandfather Looks Into The Sky & Is Silent ... While The Grandson Is Impatient & Wants To Go Home !! ... His Grandson Asks In So Many Words ... How Long Do We Have To Wait/Stay Here ?? ... To Which The Reply Is ... Soooonnn !! ... The Grandson Says: How Soon ?? ... Sooonnn Is The Reply !! ... Then A Bright Light Passes In The Sky !! ... & The Grandson Just Stares/Gapes In Astonishment/Awe !!

**Now The Only Thing Further I Can Add ... Is When I Asked For More Of A
Clarification On This ... The Answer That Was Given Was ... Very Soon !!
... (Which Is Very Very Frustrating Indeed !! ... So Perhaps In A Way This
Is A Test Of My Being Patient ... And Waiting In Silence For The Answer(s)
To Be Presented ?? ... I Don't Know ??? ... (Me Being Patient & Silent ??? ... Oh Boy !!! ... Heee Heee Heee !!!)

**I Had Been Given A Number Of Visions Relating To The Passage Of Nibiru ...

1. I Am Aboard Ship ... In My New Body ... Another Being ... A Close
Friend/Associate ... Mate ?? ... Is Beside Me !! ... We Are Looking Through A "Porthole Viewer" ?? ... From A Distance ... And Seeing The Planet Terra/Earth's Surface Being Rearranged !! ... Like An Energy Wave Or Huge Hand ... And Where This Went ... Mountains Fell & Rose ... Towering Waves Came Onto Land ... Great Earthquakes ... Volcanoes Violently Erupting !! ... The Whole Land Surface Is Completely Changed !! ... Of Which My Friend/Companion Is Leaning On Me For Support ...She Is Very Emotionally
"Shook Up" !! ... To Which I Calm & Sooth Her !! ... As We Watch For Some While The Changes Happen !!

2. Observation From Space ... Seeing A Dark & Cold World ... Terra/Earth ... Suspended/Floating In Space !! ... Not Revolving On It's Axis Or Revolving Around The Sun !! ... It Is Glaciated/Frozen !! ... Seeing Below
To The Surface ... It Is Bitter Cold !! ... Frozen With Ice & Snow !! ... The Air Is Filled With Dust/Dirt Particulates ... From The Many Volcanoes That Erupted & The Upheavals !! ... Any "Trace Light/Energy" Getting Through
Is Reflected Off The Snow & Ice ... Reflected Back Into Space !! ... This I Was Told Is After The First Passage Of Nibiru ... When The Planet Has
Passed By !!

3. Observation From Space ... Seeing The Same Terra/Earth !! ... A Dark
Frozen Glacier Of A Planet ... Now Nibiru Has Rushed On By (The 2nd
Passage On The Way Back To The Dead/Dark Star/Sun & Out Of The Sol System) ... This 2nd Passage "Kick Starts" The Planet Back Into Revolving Again ... Then Resuming It's Orbit !! ... Of Which Most Of The Dust/Dirt/Debris Has Settled ... And What Is Left Is Cleansed Through The "Forces/Energies" & Interactions In It's New Orbit !! ... Terra/Earth Now Has "Sunshine" Again !! ... The Surface Land/Water Areas Have All Changed !! ... The Atmosphere/Shielding Has Been Replaced & Replenished !! ... Most (If Not
All) Of Humankind's Destructiveness Has Been Cleansed Away !! ... *Later I
Am Told That ... "Star Friends" Will Arrive To Help Rebuild The Planet !! ... (Eliminating Any Remainder Of Pollutions/Toxins, Rebuilding Habitats & Environments, Restocking/Replanting Plants, Animals & Life Forms, Energy Systems, Living Systems That Cooperate With Nature & Many Other Things !! ... **Note: Terra/Earth Is Now Of A Different Dimension & Of 4th Density !!

4. Observation From Space ... Looking Down At/On : 3rd Density Terra/Earth (Which Is Of The Dimension That Is Current To This Linear Experience !!) ... Looking At The Planet After Nibiru Has Long Since Passed From The Sol System !! ... (After The 1st & 2nd Passage !!) ...
Terra/Earth's Colors Are Brownish From Above !! ... Not Of A "Lush Loam
Brown" But A Sickly Brown ?? ... Taking A Closer Look Now Closer To The
Surface ... I Am Seeing A Dry Dusty World ... Of Sand/Dirt (But No Soil
!!) ... No Life Of Any Kind !! ... Even To Bacteria Life !! ... My First
Thoughts Were ... This Planet Is Dead !!

I Was Told That This Was From: Ecocide !! ... Humankind Had Destroyed The Life On The Planet (& Themselves !!) ... By Their Not Working With Life & The Lifeforms That Sustain Them !! ... *No Souls/Energy Essences That Need To (Or Wish To) Experience Life In 3rd Density Will Be Coming Back Here ... To Repeat Lessons Needed !! ... As They Would Not Be Able To Live/Survive !! ... They Will Need To Go To Other "3rd Density Worlds" !! ... **The World Is Being Left (For Now !!) As A Reminder To Others ... As An Example (Of The Folly) Of What Can Occur ... When One Tampers With The Very Nature Of Life/Existence !!

**The Previous (4) Visions Were All Together !! ... A Separate One Given
Many Terrestrial Years Previous Is Follows ...

1. Observing The New Area/Dimension Of Space That Terra/Earth Is Moving To !! ... Seeing Not So Much Terra/Earth ... As Much As The Wonders Of The Many Stars, Nebula, Planets ... And So So Many Beautiful Things !! ... In The Distance I See A Glowing Object !! ... I Am Told This Is The Aging Sol (Sun/Star) That Would Be Turning Red, Then Brown & Finally Go Dark !! ... This Phasial Shift Would Not Happen For A Termed: "Long Time" Yet !! ... Until Then There Would Be (2) Suns In This System !! ... As Jupiter Has Disappeared & Had Ignited Into A Blue-White Star !! ... So The System Will
Truly Be Binary !! ... Terra/Earth Will Now Receive More "Light" & More
Radiations !! ... But This Will Be Filtered By The New Atmosphere !! ... So The Light & Heat (During The Day) Will Not Be Intense But Rather Pleasant !! ... With A Twilight Night !! ... Where One Can See The Stars !!

Farewell For Now !!

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