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Greetings: observant: User ID: 110457

Hello, ST!

Your comments on Aztlan are very interesting, and another thread on GLP about cosmic rays [link to www.etheric.com] set my mind whirrling.

**Yes Indeed ... This Is Interesting !!

Was Aztlan destroyed all at once, or slowly?

**The Aztlan Of Which You Are Familier ... Of Posidious/Posid ... Dedicated To Poseidon !! ... This Was/Is ... The Capital/City-State Of Aztlan !! ... It Was The Last To Go Beneath The Waves !! ... This Was By
The Misuse Of The Energies Of The Great Crystal ... Through Which Energies Were To Be Sent Through The Earth ... In An Attempt To Subjugate Other Lands
... To Force Them Into Submission !! ... The Plan Backfired ... As The Energies Ignited The Gas Pockets Beneath The Land ... Causing Great Volcanic
Eruption ... Great Earthquakes & Uphevals ... Finally The Land Was Swallowed Up By The Waters !!

**There Were Other Times Too ... In The History Of The "Lands Of Atl" (Which Includes Aztlan ... & It's Satellite Communities & Trading Countries/Nations) ... That It Met With Disaster !! ... This Was Through ...

1. The Explosion Of Maldek/Lucifer (A Former Planet In The 5th Orbit Of Your Solar System) ... Which It's Remains Of Asteroids/Meteors/Comets ... Rained Down On Your World !!

2. The Exploration Of Self Substaining Energies ... Of Which Geothermal Energies Were To Be "Tapped" For Power Needs !! ... The Thought Was That Raw Earth Elements Could Be Harnessed & Controlled ... By "Drilling Down" To
The Source & Capping It ... Releasing This In A Controlled Fashion !! ... It Was Realized All Too Late That These Forces Could Not Be Controlled !! ... This Led To A Great Release Of Energy ... Which Rearranged Your Whole
Planet !!

3. The Exploration & Development Of Solar Energies ... Harnessing The Raw Power Of The Sun ... Which Was Dispersed Through Crystals & Crystal Energies !! ... This Solar Culture Was Assisted By Beings Not Native To
Your Sphere !!

**Of This Time In It's History ... It May Be Said ... That Aztlan Reached It's Peak ... For It Literally Had It All ... And Was A Center Of Highly Advanced Civilization ... Where Many "Satellite Countries/Nations" (In A Way Similar To Branch Universities) ... Exchanged Cultures, Goods, Information !! ... So Of These ... They Were Of ... The Lands Of Aztlan !!

**Of One Account ... Of The End Of "The Lands Of Aztlan" ... This Came About Do To ... A Gradual Unnoticed Weakening Of The Culture Itself !! ... As Having Everything Literally Handed To Them ... There Was No Desire For The Up & Coming Youth ... To Learn The Skills & Trades Of The Elders ... Which Included The Knowledge & Maintence Of The "Solar Power Grid" !! ... The Inevitable Happened ... Which Started From Greater & Greater Energy
Demands On The Grid ... As The Youth Wanted More & More "Things" ... Which Derived It's Power From This !! ... The Energy Plants/Centers Safely Dispersed As Much Converted Raw Solar Power As They Could ... And Then That Was It !! ... The Conductors Said We Can't Release Anymore & Still Maintain A Safety Margin !! ... The People Were Not Convinced & "Various Individuals" (The Likes Of Politicians/Priests) ... Saw A Golden Opportunity To Manipulate That Situation To Their Benefit ... And Used The "Suggested Threat Of Riots By The People" ... To Force Consessions !!

**There Were Already Other Energy Plants Being Worked On/Built ... But They Were Still In Construction Stages !! ... So An Intermediatory Plan Was To
Create More Energy Via A Channel/Underground Causeway ... Which Was Lined With Black Crystal ... & Stepped Up The Conversion Processes !! ... This Temporary Measure Worked For Awhile ... Until Greater & Greater Demands For
Energy Were Being Asked !! ... More Threats/Promises Of Rioting Were Issued ... If The People Didn't Get What They Wanted !! ... In A Concession To Demands ... One Of Their Representatives Was Allowed Into One Of The
Energy Plants ... To Confirm That They Were Not "Holding Back" Needed Energies !! ... For Whatever Reason The Solar Engineer On Duty Had To Step Out Momentarily ... And This Representative Was Left Alone ... Having Access
To The Controls !! ... Noticing That The Dial Was Not Turned Up All The Way (Beyond Safety Margins) They Did Just That !! ... Nothing Happened (At Least Not Right Away !!) ... So He Felt That They (Their People) Were Being Lied To All The Time !!

**The Solar Engineer Came Back & Found Out What Had Happened ... But It Was Too Late !! ... In The Early Morning Hours ... Before Dawn It Happened !! ... A Tiny Pinhole Developed In The Channel/Underground Causeway ... That Led Directly To The Surface !! ... This Pinhole Leaked Raw Solar Energy !! ... Of Which It Started Out Ultra Tiny ... But Became Bigger & Bigger ... And Of
The Raw Solar Energy ... Anything It Came In Contact With ... Seemed To Just Vaporize & Disappear !! ... Other Solar Engineers Along The Path Saw What Was Happening ... And Attempted To Cut Off/Stop The Flow Interactions ...
With The Other Energy Plants ... But Again ... It Was Too Late !! ... When The Raw Energy Came ... They Vanished Like Smoke !! ... This Wave Of Energy ... Like A Heat Mirage In The Desert ... Swept Across The Lands ...
Vaporizing Anything In It's Path !! ... And Of The Release Of These Energies Out Into The Open ... It Set Off A Chain Reaction Of Earthquakes, Volcanos, Floods, Hurricanes ... All The Planet Suffered By The Elements
!! ... While This Land Died ... And All Lands Nations Suffered Greatly .... One Part Of Aztlan Still Remained !! ... As It Was Buffered & Protected !!

Was the destruction of Aztlan due in part to global warming

**No !! ... But Do To Events & Circumstances ... Which Were Both Natural & Artifically Produced !!

Were the climate changes that occurred due to emissions of
galactic core rays perturbing the Solar System?

**Of The Lands Of Aztlan ... This Was Of More Direct Causes !!

Could such galactic outbursts disturb bodies like Nibiru?

**It's Possible !!

Is there a connection between galactic core outbursts and
planetary changes?

**Between Many Things ... Of Which Terrestrial Scientists Are Not Aware !!

Is that's what's happening now, and pushing Nibiru into our

**No !! ... It Is The Very Natures ... The Hatreds ... The Wars ... The Violence ... These Eminations/Energy Outputs ... Are Which Helps To Draw Nibiru Closer & Closer !! ... Of Which If Your World Was Of Peaceful
Means ... Perhaps You Would Not Have To Endure These Needed Cleansings !!


You Are Most Welcome !!

and Have a good evening!

You Too !!

Farewell For Now !!

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