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Poster Handle ST In BG
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Greetings: Anonymous Coward: User ID: 146325

Hi ST in BG,

Love and emotions are something that is different for everyone

**This Is So !!

and it is something one has to experience.

**One Must First Understand !!

It can't be put into words because trying to do so will only create confusion.

**It Is An "Idea" ... And Is Open To Interpretation !! ... As Such ... This "Idea" Cannot Be "Captured" By Word Form !! ... As It Is A "Representation Of An Idea" To Begin With !!

Emotions are the driving force behind the creation of our
thoughts and desires

**We Understand Of This Way !!

and so we understand why you would want to express
emotions as we do and I hope that the Zetas will achieve this.

**The "Newer Models" Have "Free Flow" Of Emotions !! ... The Later/Older Models ... (Depending On How Far Back One Goes) ... Can Have Variances In Emotional Expression ... To An Absence Of This ... In The "Zeta Embodiments" !! ... However ... Taking This Back To The Beginning ... Before The Zeta Model ... To Our Ancestors ("Apexians") ... We Had Great Flow Of Emotion ... So Much That Of Our People Then ... We Came Close To Destroying
Our Planet ... Ourselves... And All It's Life/Lifeforms !! ... As Is ... The Surface Was Made Barren ... And Devoid Of Life !!

Does your conduit have emotions like us even though he is in a human body but is not really of Earth?

**Yes ... He Is Able To Experience Emotions ... Having These Outlets ... Having The Ability Through This Body !! ... Although Understand ... That He
Has Difficulty ... As His Former Body ... Was That Of Our Kind ... Our People ... The People/One People .... And Of This Body ... He Did Not Have Such A Way To Do This !! ... As All Emotion/Stimuli ... Was Handled Differently ... More Cerebrally ... And Expressed In This Fashion !! ... So Of This ... It Is A Challenge To Exist In Such A Body ... Literally Not Knowing Of Expression In This Fashion ... To Which Chemically The Body Would React & Respond !! ... It Is A Constant ... Learning Experience !!

It makes me concerned when you state that the Zetas are in charge of creating the next form of vessels for the

**For Energy Essences ... For The Collection Of Experiences Of Lifetimes ... & Connections Of These Lifetimes ... Which Make Up The Being ... The
Personality ... The You !! ... To Say "Soul" ... Would Delegate This ... To One Word ... Which Does Not Express This Thought Fully !!

**There Are Many Different ... Those That You Call ... "Zetas" !! ... From Different Times ... Different Places In Our History !! ... The Ones Who Are Performing The Upgrades ... The Creation Of The New Bodies ... Are Of Those Advanced ... Who Have Full Emotional Capability ... Within The Said Zeta Forms !! ... So There Is No Need To Be Concerned ... That They Would Create Error ... By Not Understanding ... The Emotions & Emotional Expressions !!

when the Zetas do not even feel emotions nor understand it the way we do.

**This Is To Say ... That All Of Our Kind Are Alike In Nature & Expression !! ... They Are Not !!

I hope you understand where I am coming from.

**Yes ... And Where You Have Been To !! ... And Where You Are Going !!

It is not something one can explain, it is something one has to feel/experience to know.

**Yes ... There Are No Terrestrial Words To Convey Properly ... Intricate & Intrinsic Thoughts On This !! ... As This Is Why ... We For The Most Part ... Communicate Telepathically ... As There Would Be No Errors In
Understanding !!

Can't you just help us activate our 12 strands of DNA?

**You Are Being Upgraded !! ... The 12 Strand DNA Combination ... Is Not Understood !! ... So All We May Say ... The Reason That This Is Not Fully Manifest In Your 3rd Density Reality ... Is For "Practical Reasons" !! ... Think Of What Just "Skin Tones" & Language/Ways Of Expression Have Done On Your Planet !! ... The Misunderstandings ... The Created Fears & Loathing !! ... Imagine What Would Happen ... If Suddenly Some Or Parts Of One's Latent DNA Were Activated !! ... A Mutation/Change Into A Different Life Form ... With A Changed Look & Way Of Communicating !! ... Such An Activation ... In A Paranoid Culture ... Would Be A Prescription For Madness, Violence, Destruction & Death !!

Thank you for your answers.

You Are Most Welcome !!

Farewell For Now !!

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