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Hello! ST in BG
Thanks for your answers! When I read them, I find in them support, it just as children get support from the parents.
I live in the oppressed country where the government holds in slavery the people, compelling to work on the state, instead of for advantage of general people. As a matter of fact, for a long time, when people sold in slavery - nothing has changed. Now it only refers to in another way. To all fault human greed, greed to authority and money. Most likely, it was worked with the factor of a survival in difficult conditions - « the law of jungle » on which survives the strongest. The present monetary system also is such jungle. It not correct system of a life.
Governors have taken away the most valuable from people, that at them was is the ground, the native house. Now value of habitation in our country is commensurated with the fair work spent during a greater half of the life. Fairly to earn on purchases of habitation or to live in time "rented" habitation, it is necessary to work persistently during long years of a life. Practically this slavery! The person wastes time not on searches of the trues in a life, and on an earning on that somehow to live.
I not against work for people, but would be desirable me that people were engaged in interesting business in the life, the favourite business at the will.

Still I am am excited with a question on a human physical pain. I understand, that arrival Nibiru is inevitable, and people should collide with horror of destruction and death. It will be transition in new measurement. But people would not like to see destructions and death of the close, elderly and weak people, children and pregnant women. It would be awful.
At me to you the request if it is "technically possible make this transition without a physical and psychological pain for people.
All problem that many of governors are afraid of a panic of people and possible "terrible" court above governors in the subsequent. Naturally from here and all complications in a present situation.
With greater respect for your attention for us.
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