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Greetings: Truth2: User ID: 373023

Wispy, Silent Companions and Others who are Interested and

There is an increasing amount of Information available in books about Contactees and such - some is just Fear Propaganda and some is excellent. ST Recommended this book - among others to me - and I think that you shall find Understanding in it as well. Amazon sells it, among other places - and I also Recommend it's reading!!

It is called "The Custodians - 'Beyond Abduction'" by Dolores Cannon. It is not for the Novice who is still questioning the existence of ETs - it is for the more Advanced.

Here is some information on it:

[link to www.bbsradio.com]


"Dolores works extensively in the field of hypnosis and
paranormal research, and travels all over the world to lecture and do workshops. In between, she teaches a powerful induction method to other hypnotherapists, which she developed over a period of 25 years."

"Dolores has worked extensively as a hypnotist with abductees. Her book "The Custodians" contains theories that no other UFO investigators have come up with. It deals with traveling through other dimensions. Dolores
believes she has the answers to all of the questions people are asking about UFOs.

She has written four books dealing with abductees and UFO

Dolores says she found much of her work in hypnosis deals with history and the research of history as it is occurring. It's like time travel. She consider herself a reporter, a researcher and the accumulator of lost knowledge. Dolores is now teaching her unique technique of hypnosis all over the world."


**Thank You For Posting This Information My Friend !!

**In Response To NightWisp ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!

You are Welcome Wispy!

From a brief search, I can see that the book you are speaking of (Communion) is more in the first category that I was speaking of. Though it may have been based on someone's true experience -

**The Conduit Has Not Read This (Communion) In Awhile ... But He Did Not Take This Book ... (Or Those In The Series)(Communion, Transformation, Breakthrough, The Secret School)... As Being "Fear Based" !! ... Rather They Did Describe Through The Authors/Contactee's Words ... His Experiences ... & His Interpretation Of Events !! ... The Book: "Communion" Is Just The Beginning ... Toward Whitley Strieber's Understandings ... Of What Is Going On ... And Later Things & Perceptions ... Become Much Clearer ... & One Reads Further !!

their Misinterpretations/Misunderstandings were used to promote "horror" scenes. I would never recommend that book.

**Yes ... The Misinterpretations/Misperceptions ... Were Used In The Movie "Communion" ... Which We Would Not Recommend Viewing Without Having First Read The Book(s) !! ... As One Would Get That ... "Horror Impression" ... Somewhat Like "Fire In The Sky (Highly NOT Recommended !!!) ... The "Hollywood Mockup/Purposeful (Peaceful) Contact Experience Change" (To Promote & Sell Horror Movies !! ... Rather Then Tell The Truth !!)

**In Response To: Anonymous Coward 182625 ... With Our (ST In BG) Comments !!

Quoting: Anonymous Coward 182625

"a extra terrestrial"? You mean AN extra-terrestrial. I'm no longer a believer in INTELLIGENT life forms beyond our own :p"

Copy and paste from page 467....sigh

"Greetings: Truth2: User ID: 373023

Every once in a while a Newbie finds this Thread -

And without reading any further believes that they are

addressing the Hoaxter who started and abandoned this

Thread one day nearly 3 years ago. Should they read any

further than the first Post - they will find that it was

Resurrected by ST In BG - the Real McCoy(s) - and the

Respect for Him/Them that the Regular Readers have come to


**Yes Indeed !! ... Thank You My Friend !!


Farewell For Now !!


**Thank You For Reposting This My Friend !!

Farewell For Now !!

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