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Thou parts truth spoken by this entity calling itself ST in BG much of what it says is disinformation,

**It Is ?? .... "Disinformation" ?? ... An "Entity" Calling Itself ST In BG ?? .... Sounds To Us Like Someone(s) ... Who Have Not Read Much Or Any Of The Materials ... Of Responses We Have Given !!

a deliberate attempt by Orion sts entities to lead you astray further in your questing.

**The Very Mention Of "Orion STS Entities" ... Shows You Have A Very Limited Understanding/Grasp Of Things ... And Rather Are Just "Tossing Terms/Thoughts" Out ... Of Which You Have No Idea What They Mean ... Or What You Are Saying .... In An Attempt To Cause Confusion !!

My advice to a true seeker of truth is to discern everything you read

**Obviously !! ... Isn't That Rather A Basic Thought ??

because times were in now is one of great deception

**You Wish To Be ... One Who Deceives ??

and much will be said but not all will be true,

**That Is True !! ... Of Your Posting !! ... So Why Did You Post ??

sorting the chaff from the wheat is your task at hand so use the tools you've been giving your 'mind and intuition to discern through it all and begin to put the puzzle together.

**Stating The Obvious Is Just That !! .... Of Which We See ... That You Desire To Use The "Obvious" ... In An Attempt To Confuse & Perplex !! ... Though The Attempt Of This ... Is Quite Plain !! ... Oh Brother !!!

**Do Go Play ... Somewhere Else !! ... This Thread Is For Those Asking Of Us ... To Which We Respond In Kind !! ... Not For Those Who ... Having Nothing Better To Do ... Then To Attempt To "Cloak" An Attack ... Through Their ... "Meaningful Advice" !!

Farewell For Now !!


in you own ignorance Alien you have infact admited to your own deceptions anyone who actually has a brain to think left can see through it, because the Obvious is you are a sts source of frequecy and have your own agenda here part of the entire Omega project I bet just like many other sources each doing there part in the same agenda.

I have giving what is required it is now up to the individual soul to decide based on this wedge in your flow if it is correct or not or if you are as truthful as you proclaim yourself to be.

It not as easy as you think to get dominion over this realm there is those of us in the know who will use what we have against you, so you can make your superiors aware that Earth is not theres to have not all will recieve your mark.
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