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[quoting:ST In BG 441737]
Anonymous Coward: User ID: 469878

Hi,I've added a few extra questions based on answers provided. The new questions are preceded by ---

Hi ST... looks like the public date for the super collider
startup still stands at Sept 10th for now.

**For The Moment !!

---Yes for the moment. I pretty much expect them to change the date again. You said certain things have to be in place for them to turn their machine on. Does Nibiru have to be in the right position? If this is so then are ET's really the one's determining when the button would be pressed as they control Nibiru's positioning? Therefore you could prevent their experiment altogether if you never move Nibiru into the correct position for them to do the experiment?

That gives us all about 3 weeks at maximum before immense destruction.

**Give Or Take !! ... If Activated ... Without Sufficient Safe Guards !!

---Who is going to provide these safeguards? The ETs? So there is a decent chance that the experiments will be allowed to proceed and not cause any destruction? I hate to think what they'll do with their new found knowledge after the experiments. I hope enough is finally enough. I don't think they need new knowledge/toys to further subjugate the population.

It's difficult to believe that so many things you have stated will happen during this time.

**Well ... All It Takes ... To Use A Terrestrial Saying ... Is ... To Get The Ball A Rolling !!

---True. Who is holding the ball though? Is it ET's or TPTB.. or the general population?

I really thought there would be more progression with people's awakenings.

**Well ... Yes !! ... Though They Have Had Sufficient Moments !!

---Yes this is what I feel. The population has had so much time and yet seem to be hardly progressing at all. If we're to wait until more wake up before Nibiru comes I have a feeling we could be waiting a long time. Maybe only a moment to you but years or decades of waiting are still possible for us depending on circumstances right?

I thought the worlds earthquakes would pick up a lot more to at least put the idea into the minds of the non believers that something is wrong.

**Many Of These Have Been "Delayed" ... Do To Intervention !! ... For If There Had Not Been "Intervention" ... Your Planet Would Be ... In Dire Shape !!

--- Is this due to the oil being removed from the ground? Through intervention can ETs more or less stave off earthquakes "forever" by our perception?

At least then they might be a little more mentally prepared for what is supposedly coming in 3 weeks or less.

**Yes !! ... It Was Either "Intervention" On Some Things ... Or You Have ... Even More "Instant Results" ... Then The Collider Experimentation !!

The deceptions have not been revealed due to a mistake by TPTB yet either.

**Some Things ... Have To Take More Precedence ... Then Other Things !!

---Hmmm I thought this revealing was to be based on TPTB's mistake. They way you state this answer makes it seem like the deception will be revealed by something ET's do to cause TPTB to be exposed rather than a mistake by TPTB.

If they don't make this mistake before the collider turns on then I guess people will never know the truth during their life.

**Maybe Not That Life/Lifetime !! ... But They Will Be So Taught ... Of That Which Has Happened ... & The Causes !!

---but the mistake/deception revealing will happen though right? You did quite plainly state it would happen further back in this thread I'm quite certain. Of course based on the length of this thread it would be quite difficult for me to find the exact quote, but I'm quite sure this was stated very directly a number of times that TPTB would make a mistake that caused the whole truth to come out. This is no longer necessarily the case?

Also, the ET ships have not yet come to evacuate those that are supposed to leave.

**Beings Are Leaving In Many Ways !! ... Depending Upon Their Decisions ... Their Agreements !! ... There Were/Are Of This ... Many Choices At Their Disposal ... At The Moment ... To Decide !!

---Hmmm. So is all life just based on the choices we made before animating the body? If I choose to die in a war pre-birth it will happen no matter what? My choices in life will lead me to the place and circumstance I chose to die in my pre-birth choices?

That is a lot of things that are supposed to happen in a now very very short period of time.

**A Moment ... Can Be ... As Infinity !! ... Though Your "Linear (Artificial Time) ... Is How You Define Your "Reality" ... Which Is Not ... "Reality" !!

--- and unfortunately from what I've experienced, painful moments seem as very long and wonderful moments seem as very short. If you get stuck in one of these "infinite" moments.. how do you get out since it's infinite(goes on forever)?

It seems at this point if ET ships show up to evacuate, most people are not going to take that well. In fact they might even side with TPTB and try to fight you...

**If They Are To Be Onboard ... They Will Be Onboard !! ... This Has Already Been Decided !! ... & The Means/Methods For This ... Already Worked Out !!

I just don't see average Joe being anywhere
near awake enough to willingly board an ET ship to be taken off the earth..especially when such people probably were not even aware of the existence of ETs to that point.

**Such Will Be Of Natures ... Unfamiliar To You !!

---Well this sounds curious and exciting.

So how can all these things possibly come to pass in less than 3 weeks?

**Your "Weeks" !!

---Yes.. 3 of our weeks.. not very long even by our perception.

To me it just seems that awakening has progressed so so little considering how close we are to "the end".

**Not The End ... But ... The Beginning !!

---The beginning of the end? The end of 3rd density that is.

---Thank you!
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