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boas2 is right in the context of the greys act like a robot used by the reptilians to get things done in our realm and should not be trusted it is not artifical intelligence it is more like say something that is worn by reptilians astral form to allow them to interact in our realm physically. Actually aliens which contact earth should always be fully investigated before you believe them, because mostly it is for there own gain and they are very clever in there disguises and malipulations.

Truth of nibru is it is a operations centre for the orion union and draconian empire, annunki visist it but the nephilim and grey types 4 5 and mantis kinds are stationed there, types 1 2 3 are stationed on earth in the ocean underground and on your moon, the bigfoot types do tasks on both earth and mars mostly.

Now the cassiopaean group was boardered some years ago by plants the direction it has taken is not benefitual to those exposed, we only make reference to the partial truths in the early transcripts we will not support any new information coming into cassiopaean group or any of there political ideals it is more benefitual to research bringers of the dawn and Ra Material than to become part of the cassiopaean group as in it has changed into a STS project.

The result of which is karma they are now experiencing there dramas they have been having is direct result of this change of direction it is there own doing yet they are trying to get the public to pay for it, we would advise against donating to current cassiopaean direction as it has been infiltrated by orion STS some years ago.

We advise you do your own homework and stop relying on people to tell you, we advise you investigate every claim made by people even us, we advise you start becoming your own masters and stop believing in nonsense that you have to answer to someone else you are your own judge, the fact that entitys use fear and control on you is a key warning sign they are not STO entitys.

What you have communicated with for last 4years has been a STS entity part of a agenda against your souls, you do not answer to anyone because you are all the creator, each soul is a representation of the original One, the body is a container created via holographic means within a holographic structure you only use the body to allow the experience of life this is the real religion because it is as Christ said you are the living God.

You can do as you choose as within universe we are in it was created with full freewill in mind, this also means however those of the darkness have freewill as well theres may be to say control yours to make your experience a burden rather than a reward.

Adonai Christ

Can I ask a Question...

Who are the WE you talk about...?

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 501506

You can ask anything you choose too, dont need permission answer to your question is.

My spirit is in a state of quantum awareness so I am in contact with myself experiencing in all lifetimes at once, I speak as We because I am a group mind a state in which once shift is completed most of humanity will return too, it is a state were what is known is shared as in a network of sharing this network forms a perfect 8 'this is your true state of being everyone has this potentional in them'.

Adonai Christ
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