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Poster Handle Canundrum
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refer to warning giving by movie series starwars attack of clones, the entitys are part of the empire working for as in same idea of playing the helper but also the one who causes. There are varietys of greys that are the tall whites they are hybridisation projects by the reptilians they are known as zetas.

That is not what he been doing what he been doing is feeding you nonsense to gain your trust with another agenda in mind that is putting you into false sense of securitys by making you believe there is some force coming to save you, as in you need help as in you are weak and there is things which govern you.

This is the way in which you are disempowered because you then contradict yourself as in your believing him therefore removes the truth of yourself from the picture you then are under there power and those who do will find out that such entitys who come are not for your benefit many will be used as sustainance during the coming war.

I did not say I know all my lifes I said I am in contact with all my lifetimes, it does not mean I have access to everything but it does mean I remember things from other experiences and everyone has this potentional in them anyway. I choose to remain because I care about humanity the real humanity the true nature of humanity is light and the virtues of Goodness the clouds of darkness which block out the sun from shining down will soon enough be blown out of the way so that the new dawn is viewable in all it glory then humanity will finally know itself.

what you choose to believe is your right of choice but be weary that ones believes can lead one into dangers, it is best to investigate all claims and discern we encourage even to discern ourself.

Adonai Christ
 Quoting: Quorum 503545

I do not believe any one thing to an inth degree. Suffice it to say, I am ever learning, searching, watching. It is my choice to "believe". However, to allude to a movie as being kinda sorta how they/ETs are manipulating is far fetched and de-grading really.

ST/ET in this forum has never once said anything about saving any of us, ever. It has only been said that all will cease on this planet, in no uncertain terms, caused by Nibiru. I do see myriad of other channelings that say they will lift off people, rapture, saving us..... I have not ever read from ST that this will be the case. It is stated that this is "it", the end of 3d humankind.

Of course there are many many different ETs here. ST has mentioned that they are not really ZETA's but allows us to refer to them as ZETAs for ease of conversation/ familiarity. Although it would be nice to know their true delineation, but then they are not ONE ET type, but many different ETs all working together, which is why they don't have a particular group species name.

I'm glad you care about humanity, as I care as well. Thank you for explaining your consciousness of other concurrent lives. I do not have that conscious ability. Does your ability show your past as well? Such as your future self knowing the future of your 3d self?

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