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The War On Islam...Is It Real? Are You Deceived Into Thinking American Muslims Represent True Islam?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 995876
United States
09/07/2010 03:08 PM
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The War On Islam...Is It Real? Are You Deceived Into Thinking American Muslims Represent True Islam?
I have watched for years and years how most of the world accuse Christianity of being retarded and wrong because so many people who claim to be Christians misrepresent the faith and the God of Christianity in such a horrible manner. Christianity is hated by millions...maybe even billions...and throughout history by billions more because people have not represented the character of Christ appropriately.

Have you ever thought of Islam in this way? Think about this...Islam has been around for a very long time. If you research history it has been a ground and pound faith, killing infidels all over the world that stand in its path or that subvert the faith...BY ORDER OF THEIR HOLY BOOK. For 1500 years it has claimed life after life all in the name of allah. So...should it surprise you that in the past 100 years suddenly Islam is supposedly now the religion of peace? It doesn't surprise me at all. Especially since it's only half the people claiming to be muslim that claim they are not radicals or fundamentalists. I can assure you, the extremists believe they are right, and per history...they ARE right. They are the ones carrying on the fundamental practices of Islam...NOT the ones in America that change their names and grow a beard to show their friends.

Christian are persecuted day in and day out because of their faith. I'm assuming that about 90% of the time Christians are accused of doing things that they've never taken part of. And about 90% of the time they are hated because of what someone else did, while claiming to be a Christian. But, when you look at Islam, it has ALWAYS been a religion of "kill all who do not believe". Christ never once asked for the death of people who didn't believe in Him. Instead, He said love your enemies and do good to those who hurt you. So...we have a backward conundrum.

Islamic societies in the world that say they are not into killing people and jihading their way to virgins, are not true representations of that faith...according to mohammed, who created Islam 1500 years ago. In fact, to claim you are muslim and NOT willing to kill infidels, makes you an infidel as well, or at the very least a traitor to the faith! AND...the Christians who HAVE killed or discriminated against those who would not convert and taught the world to be judgmental of others are NOT true representatives of that faith, according to its founder Jesus Christ.

The Americanized version of Islam is not true Islam. It's leaders will tell you so. Christ said God will judge at the end of time according to His perfect knowledge of men's hearts. Islam says...if they don't convert, cut their heads off.

So...is there a war on Islam? Or does Islam have a war on you?