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Top Harvard professor denounced by Iran as US spy

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United States
09/08/2010 03:42 AM
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Top Harvard professor denounced by Iran as US spy
A DISTINGUISHED Harvard professor who was feted and given a house by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during a visit to Iran last month was denounced Tuesday as an American spy.

Doctor Richard Frye, 90, who has spent 60 years studying Iran and is regarded as the doyen of Iranian scholars, was accused of being a CIA agent in an apparently concerted attack by several pro-government websites.

Citing what it described as unequivocal Intelligence Ministry evidence, one claimed that Dr Frye's spying activities dated back to a visit in 1989 when, through the help of some unknowing elements, (he) attempted to gather a vast amount of secret information, and tried to recruit Iranians from academia.

Another wrote: "Orientalist ... are often espionage officers who, under the guise of academic activities, identify the potential strengths and weaknesses of the country. Richard Frye is a typical case of the above."

[link to www.heraldsun.com.au]
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