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Message Subject It seems a few of my fellow Americans have forgotten
Poster Handle Lil Miss Trouble
Post Content
It seems as soon as the "terrorists" attacked, separation of church and state went out the window.

Hence the separation of the nation.

Not much longer before we're all completely divided by an irrelevant/imaginary line.

It makes me sad, to see that line get bigger every day. I really wish people could see that any extremist of any faith, color or creed is a bad thing and it does NOT represent the whole

and hi purple pig! hugs


Good seeing you!

It is crazy how quick it spreads too!

I know its well discussed on GLP and some actually have a grasp to whats going on here. But I'm on other news sites reading replies and the ignorance is deadly at best.
 Quoting: His Royal Dudeness

Innocent people are going to die because of it and that makes my heart hurt.
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