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Message Subject Explaining 9-11 to a child
Poster Handle guindog
Post Content
If I was your kid I would ask you what you thought.

Then I would ask you if your government did it why didn't anyone do anything about it? Then I would be inclined to think that I was a prisoner in an occupied country (not unlike nazi germany) and prob develop some kind of fear based psychosis or persecution syndrome..

good luck with that.

did your kid ask you why you don't do anything about it, does he think you are cowards or does he think you approve of it?

does he think the ends justify the means? do all americans? or are they all drugged and asleep. it's a tough situation for a kid to comprehend.

has he read 1984 or brave new world?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1081053

These are all pretty good questions, and after the memorial service tomorrow, or if we talk about it later today, after school I will give you the answers to them.

The only questions he has asked me in the past few years about it, are these...

How were they able to take the planes over: I replied that they either used surprise, and boxcutters to attack the passengers and crew, thenm broke the door down, OR there was no struggle, and it was planned to allow it to happen.

His other question was this:

Where are the planes at in the PA. crash site, and the Pentagon?

this one took a bit...
I said that the planes hit so hard, that they disintegrated, OR there were no planes,but some type of missile or bombs.
AND the possibility that a fighter jet had shot down the flight over PA, and thats all that was left.

Again, I cant say enough that I personally havent got it figured out yet, and dont take a stance besides something as done from inside.

And it only takes ONE person inside with a bit of info to make it an inside job.

Please, keep replying...I am glad Im getting serious replies here.
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