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Message Subject Explaining 9-11 to a child
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Im honest with my kid I let him make his own choices (I pay close attention to his choices) we sit and discuss everything, the News ect with an open mind to the the possibilities of whats really taking place. The influence of Politics on the events taking place in our world. Just give him both sides and dont try to influence him with your own veiws or opinion, its difficult sometimes.

I understand what you mean about making their own choices but why would you now want to influence them? Here is my point if you don't, someone else will. Then you will have a teenager you dont know. Get my point? Teach him everything. He may leave it for a while as a teenager but WILL come back to it as an adult. If you leave this task to someone or something else you will not know your child in the future. Dont listen to all these people talking about not influencing your children. That is what being a parent is. Tell the what is what its not difficult. You are right and you have to think like that. "I am right!" Say it...

over and over if you have too.. your child will be better for it
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