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Message Subject Explaining 9-11 to a child
Post Content
My son is 12, I gave him both sides of the story, the Govs and the Conspiracy, it stimulated him to do his own research. He is only 12 but he is "AWAKE" Now if I could get him to shut-up about the Annunaki......

Thats what Im looking for, Z.K.

How did he seem to take the idea that our gov may have a dark side, and could kill our citizens to get into a conflict?

I think thats gonna be the hardest part is letting him wrap his little head around that one.

I watched the Rambo movie where he went to Afghanistan and was left hung out, and was lied to...so he does have the ability to grasp the lies of war and conflict.

Yeah, I know....it was a movie.

Im honest with my kid I let him make his own choices (I pay close attention to his choices) we sit and discuss everything, the News ect with an open mind to the the possibilities of whats really taking place. The influence of Politics on the events taking place in our world. Just give him both sides and dont try to influence him with your own veiws or opinion, its difficult sometimes.

Thats my full plan, ZK...seems like its working ok for you, and like I said, I thought he may be too young, but they shoved the O.S. at him last year in school, so I know he can grasp and comprehend it ok.
 Quoting: guindog

the key is the emphisis on the family "unit" we do everything together. we discuss what we are going to do, how and what we spend our money on. The works .
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