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Message Subject Explaining 9-11 to a child
Post Content
When your child goes to school, and takes a history class, and the book says what happened on 9/11/01, will he get an A if he says that he thinks other than what the book says?

Does public education allow for free thoughts and ideas on past events?

No, it doesnt.

If anything, public schools are a grooming field for the future leaders and taxpayers to be conditioned to accept these things, AND be dumbed down.

Our schools, nationwide, are so far UNDER the global standsrds.

This is another reason why I want to feed him as much info as I can.
 Quoting: guindog

I dont bombard my son with info, a simple well placed comment or peice of literature will get the ball rolling, then his research starts, amazes me with what he comes up with. Just keep in mind he is still a child and allow him time to be a child.
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