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Message Subject Explaining 9-11 to a child
Poster Handle guindog
Post Content
If you introduce ideas that are counter to what he is exposed to you might make him feel out of sync with others. Then he might feel like he doesn't really fit in. Just be prepared to help him adjust socially to these new ideas you are feeding him.

This is whay I dont want to steer his opinion at all.

Justt open him to the possibilities, but I am prepared to handle this.

If he doesn't already challenge authority, (it starts with parents) then he probably isn't "hardwired" to seek alternative rule sets.

Getting anyone to recognize how rules and choices are linked is difficult. It takes a fundamental confidence in yourself. Trying to change outdated/inappropriate rules takes a unique inner conviction.

When my kids challenged my choice, I asked them to provide three reasons why their choice was better than mine.
It empowered them to make their own choices at a very early age. My kids seem okay. They have friends and have adjusted very well socially.

yes. I took me awhile to grasp the differnce between dominating a child and raising one. Once I ditched my own insecurites things got easier

I have only recently figured that out, and him growing up and getting more mature helped me figure it out.
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