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Message Subject Explaining 9-11 to a child
Poster Handle guindog
Post Content
If you don't want to influence what he believes about 9/11, just tell his no one really knows what happened that day.

Then tell him some people think (then go on to explain whatever conspiracies you heard or believe), then tell him that other people think (explain the official story).

My son is only 6.5, but that's how I explain things to him that can't be proven without a shadow of doubt. Like you, I may hold my own personal opinions about certain subjects, but I want my son to make up his own mind when he is old enough to.

I cant do that, thats just a weak way out.

f he wants an answer, I will help him figure it out.

I also can let him think its ok to just say "I dont know"

Any time he thinks I dont know, I want him to be able to place information out in front of him, or in his head and try to come to a conclusion.

That may work for you, but I cant accept giving that answer.

Well then your other option is to tell him what your opinion is. And just expect him to accept that as the absolute truth, since kids usually believe what their parents tell them.

But it sounds like to me you really don't know, which is what you posted in the OP.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1095059

Exactly, and I will give him my opinion...but only if he asks for it.

I have decided that it was an inside job, to some extent.

to finish what G.B the first had started, to gain control of oil, build bases, and to finish the pipeline and control opium/heroin in Afghanistan.

There were too many failures that day to let me think otherwise, and I will let him know all of the things that happened that day.

Like you said, he will probably think my opinion is gold, and thats why I will explain all the facts to him first, let him stew and think...then i will let hi know what I feel happened.

That is mostly why I posted, looking for answers on how any other members here may have told thaer kids what happened and if they wautd till their kids had decided n their own before spilling their thoughts.
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