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God loves freedom, goodness and people who love his son Jesus. Therefore he loves and favors the United States and Israel. God hates the devil, so he hates muslims and that is why he starves their children to death.

He also starves to death Pagans and Atheists. It is one of the reason the commies always just kill eachother and starve. Also look at all the Pagans in India. They live in shit and starve to death while doing it.

He loves us (Americans) also because we help protect his Chosen People the Israelis. God is all about love but you cross him and he kills you and your entire family.

Praise Jesus!

I agree with some of your logic, but fail to see why God would favor a land that has gone the way of Sodom, Gomorrah and become a modern day Babylon...

Below is a Stark warning from our past as I feel that America is under Judgment, and rightfully so. Many, if not the majority of "Christians" do not appear all too different from the heathen...

We are as a city set upon a hill, in the open view of all the earth….

We profess ourselves to be a people in covenant with God, and therefore . . . the Lord our God…will cry shame upon us if we walk contrary to the covenant which we have promised to walk in.

If we open the mouths of men against our profession, by reason of the scandalousness of our lives, we (of all men) shall have the greater sin."

And some sobering words from William Penn written while imprisoned for 8 months in the Tower of London for his faith

But the false Christians' cruelty has lasted longer than the crucifying Jews. With Judas, they have professed Him, and then, for these many ages, most basely betrayed, persecuted, and crucified Him, by a perpetual apostasy in manners, from the self-denial and holiness of His doctrine; their lives showing their faith to be lies. These are those who the author of the epistle to the Hebrews tells us, "Crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to open shame" (Heb 6:6); whose defiled hearts John in his Revelation styles, "The street of Sodom and Egypt, spiritually so called, where also our Lord was crucified" (Rev 11:8). And as Christ said of old, a man's enemies are those of his own house, so Christ's enemies now are chiefly those who claim to be believers; they spit upon Him, they nail and pierce Him, they crown Him with thorns, and give Him gall and vinegar to drink (Mat 27:34). Nor is is this hard to understand; for those who live in the same evil nature and principle the Jews did, that crucified Him outwardly, crucify Him within themselves; since those who reject the grace now in their own hearts are one in stock and generation with the hardhearted Jews, who resisted the grace that then appeared in and by Christ.

and This:

Let no man deceive his own soul; "grapes are not gathered of thorns, nor figs of thistles" (Matt 7:16); a wolf is not a sheep, nor is a vulture a dove. Whatever form, people, or church you are of, it is the truth of God to mankind, that they which have even the form of godliness, but, by their unmortified lives, deny the power thereof, [to purify them and deliver them from sin] do not belong to the true church, but belong to the false church; which, though she calls herself the Lamb's bride, or church of Christ (Rev 21:2; 22:17), she is that mystery, or mysterious Babylon, fitly called by the Holy Ghost, the mother of harlots and all abominations (Rev 17:5); because she is degenerated from Christian chastity and purity, into all the enormities of heathen Babylon; a sumptuous city of old time, much noted for the seat of the kings of Babylon, and at that time the place in the world of the greatest pride and luxury. As she was then, so mystical Babylon is now, the great enemy of God's people.

[The protestant and catholic churches are the Whore of Babylon, claiming to be his virgin bride, but continually committing spiritual adultery with the world by embracing greed, covetousness, sexual immorality, lying, cheating, indulgent pastimes, envy, and idolatry.]

Looking at the "church" today, I see that these words ring truer today than ever before. Many profess to be Christian, yet their very actions in their daily lives expose them as nothing more than liars whom often behave more wickedly than the heathen...

Just my .02 and the reason why I do not agree that God loves the USA anymore as we, as a nation, have walked away from our covenant with him...

 Quoting: UNThredded

Many people that call themselves a Christian are taught by ignorant pastors who can't seem to get off of the salvation message, little lone know what the Word really says.
Traditions of mens church systems makes void the Word of God. I see it all the time. I see it destroying peoples lives daily, not just fellow Christians, but non-believers too.
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