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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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God loves freedom, goodness and people who love his son Jesus. Therefore he loves and favors the United States and Israel. God hates the devil, so he hates muslims and that is why he starves their children to death.

He also starves to death Pagans and Atheists. It is one of the reason the commies always just kill eachother and starve. Also look at all the Pagans in India. They live in shit and starve to death while doing it.

He loves us (Americans) also because we help protect his Chosen People the Israelis. God is all about love but you cross him and he kills you and your entire family.

Praise Jesus!

There are so many things wrong with this post I don't even know where to begin, but here goes.

1) God does not play favorites
2) God does not 'hate'
3) I know a lot of pagans and atheists and they are not starving, nor living in shit
4) God does not kill people for making him cross

On second thought, I think you are just trolling. No one can be this ignorant.

1) He has a Chosen people he Chose to do his will. And yes God plays favorites. He favors those that have faith in Him and live for Him.

2) God hates evil, need evidence, read the scriptures, need more evidence, take a look at history or current affairs. An education, I suggest you get one.

3) Pagans and atheists live miserable Godless lives and the only reason they are not starving is because they live off the backs of hard working God fearing people. God will catch up to them eventually.

The atheists and pagans commit the most crime, murders, serial killings and SUICIDES. Not a very happy bunch.

4) God does not kill people? If he did not we would be immortal. I suggest you read the Bible, you are quite ignorant.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1074724

You need to re-think your number one expression. God is NOT a respector of persons. It is written, do you know where? HINT, it is in the New Testament.
All peoples are Gods children except the Kenites. Got that?
Just because someone has not found God, does not make them a child of God. Even a Kenite can come into the Kingdom of God by the way of Christ, but I will add, I doubt very much that there will be a hand full of Kenites what would come to Christ.
Lets see if you can figure that out, OPIE!
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