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Message Subject ****Raw Video: San Bruno Surveillance Cameras Capture meteor strike followed by fireball detonation****
Poster Handle NINTI
Post Content
I see explosion and then fire.

Could someone have sabotaged that gas line?

Look at the glare that goes across the camera around 6-7 seconds in before the asphalt and chunks come up.

Hhmmnn...had to watch this "glare" over and over again. The OP maybe right. It can't be the cars' lights but something coming from the sky.

I agree. It's unusual, not from another car and happens just before stuff gets kicked up. After dust starts flying then there's the explosion. Sure, it's only seconds, but why would dust and debris stir before such a massive explosion? Wouldn't the natural gas pipe just suddenly blow a huge hole and not stir up a little dust on top first?

I didn't notice the dust and debris you were talking about but the suspicious reflection of a "GLARE" coming from above. Plus there was a fireball seen by some witnesses before the massive fire. Moreover, San Diego newscaster reports about a meteorite seen by many people in the sky on the same day.
 Quoting: NINTI 1082073

I played the video back again and noticed the dust and debris you were talking about.I was lazy and sleepy to check it as it was the middle of the night here in my country. I say Wowwww!You are soooo right! I love posters who are so observant and see little things like these.The dust and debris plus the reflection are proofs that something fell from the sky. Great job to the OP for posting this. smile_hear bump
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