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Message Subject ****Raw Video: San Bruno Surveillance Cameras Capture meteor strike followed by fireball detonation****
Poster Handle ShaneCMuir
Post Content
I don't think it was a plane. Not saying it absolutely wasn't- I keep an open mind. :) But I do think if a plane had crashed we'd see stories similar to the Joe Stack stories and it would be associated with terrorism of some sort. They love using terrorism to crack down more and they aren't so it makes me wonder.

I think meteor and that was my initial thought when it happened. I wonder about the Boulder fire, the Detroit fire, the Russian fires, the Columbian meteors. I don't care if others think differently, though. I'm not going to troll people with different opinions because at this time we're all trying to put the pieces together. I think time will tell as there will be more meteors and it isn't something that can be hidden forever if populated areas keep catching on fire.

Then again, there have been MANY pipeline explosions this year. Could be earth shifting, leaking gas and unstable pipes everywhere that need very little to be ignited. A meteor crashing near such an area would certainly do it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1043058

Everyone in the area heard a plane.

On page 4 of this thread I posted two videos of channels 5's live broadcast.

Everyone who phoned, emailed or twittered the TV station mentioned the plane they heard.

The emergency crews were originally told a plane crashed because that's what EVERYONE thought they heard.

The Gas Station guy mentions the plane.

They all heard a low flying jet and then the explosion.

Maybe a plane didnt crash.. maybe it just dropped a bomb.

But there have been far too many reports of a low flying jet in the area, just moments before the gas pipe ignited, to ignore.

The people live near an airport.. and its a valley.. so they know what planes sound like.. and they know this one was incredibly low and loud.. and that got everyones attention.. before the explosion.

No investigation could ever be complete without taking this un-identified jet plane into account.
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