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Message Subject ****Raw Video: San Bruno Surveillance Cameras Capture meteor strike followed by fireball detonation****
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I don't know how you get a meteor strike out of this. I simply see some preliminary dirt fly into the air prior to the explosion. I assume that came as a result of preliminary venting just prior to the big blow.


This.... the rocks go up as the pipline ruptures and fall back down... now gas is spewing into the air, but hasn't yet ignited... then... FIRE!!!

No proof of meteor here, sorry to say.

 Quoting: BackFromTheDead

Preliminary venting? This isn't a volcano. Wouldn't a gas pipeline explosion go from a state of absolute stillness (gas leak) to total combustion? It's not like the gas built up and kicked up that debris. As soon as that gas ignited (which it would have to do to explode) the after effect would be instantaneous. There wouldn't be a few seconds of debris moving about. Gas + Ignition = Major, immediate explosion and not something that vents. At least that's what makes sense to me. I wouldn't strike a match in gas fumes and think I had time to step out of the way or observe the what it disturbed for a few seconds first, kwim? Instant boom.

I still lean towards meteor but I agree w/pp, an investigation can't be thorough without finding out if a plane was involved. Remember in the original thread there was a poster there saying there were military choppers hanging out on the horizon watching? Anyone ever follow up with that?
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