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Message Subject ****Raw Video: San Bruno Surveillance Cameras Capture meteor strike followed by fireball detonation****
Poster Handle RESOLVE
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I install Cameras for a living among other things. I am not a shill but I think that glare you speak of is from the reflection of the gentleman in the Maroon Car (Moran) opening his door.

The sun glaring off of his drivers window.

I am a professional videographer, and I know all sorts of things can cause glares.

Remain objective here folks. It all comes back to numerous witnesses who saw something in the sky before hand. Maybe it was a meteor, maybe it was a plane, maybe it was a bottle rocket that went astray and ignited an existing leak.

All I am saying is you can't pick and choose your facts if you want to discover truth about things. People saw something, and there has been no solid, official, explanation of the cause of the blast. We all understand what fueled the blast. There is no debate of a ruptured gas line here. The question is WHAT ruptured the line?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 976618

I don't believe it is glare at all.

The video begins with one car driving to the left. No glare

A car then drives to the right.No glare

The first of 3 cars drives to the right and it begins to GLARE at 7-8 seconds just as it passes. The other two cars pass in an uneven interval afterward, and when you look at the video frame by frame the intensity of the 'glare' as it has been called does not change.

The glare certainly cannot possibly be off the cars due to no repetition of the glare despite passing the same spots at uneven intervals.

What you see at 7-8 seconds is in my oppinion something moving across the sky. It is either on fire and producing alot of light so perhaps a plane, or burning up on entry into the atmosphere and glowing hot so perhaps a meteor.

The way that light, not glare moves across the screen when watched frame by frame is more akin to watching a car drive past at night with its headlights shining constant in the distance. This is not glare.
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