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Message Subject ****Raw Video: San Bruno Surveillance Cameras Capture meteor strike followed by fireball detonation****
Poster Handle Ignore Plain Sight Facts
Post Content
Look at the glare that goes across the camera around 6-7 seconds in before the asphalt and chunks come up.

I see the vertical line you are refering too. I guess I attributed it to a reflection of light off of the passing cars.

I would agree with you if ALL the cars had this effect, but they DONT.

This only happens ONCE and that is directly before the disturbance of the soil and THEN the resulting blast.

Almost had me convinced until I studied the first 10 seconds intensely.

AT 08:00 seconds, the driver of the parked car in the foreground gets out of his car. In doing so, he opens the driver side door which, is facing what should be to the south. The sun is off to his West. Given that scenario, and this is easily confirmed by the shadow patterns, when the driver opened his door, the sun to the West reflected off of the parked car's door or window bouncing light into the camera lens causing the flare.

Watch the motion of his door opening and the line/glare which is believed to be the meteorite. The door movement and the glare movement are in perfect time as well as in the same direction.

 Quoting: Dr. G 696775

Hello???? Are ya all friggin stoopid???? This pretty much sums it all up! No friggin conspiracy, just a disaster like happens all over the US daily! Jesus you all can be so pathetic!
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