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Message Subject Sprinklers in the WTC
Poster Handle guindog
Post Content
A lot of people don't understand how most sprinklers work. In a wet system where the pipes are always full of water, the heat from a fire will melt a plug stopper that will let water out of the pipe only where the fire is.

I would guess that a airplane crash would tend to break the sprinkler pipes so that the system is now just a flow of water out of a broken pipe. This would have little if no effect to put out a fire.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 516195

I get that part, but it only takes a certain amount of heat to pop one.

Alot of firemen made it in and out of floors that were hot, and some that had fire....I just dont remember hearing anything about sprinklers, seeing them going off, etc.

And, if there were bombs in the basements, wouldnt that have set tose off?

I remember another vid of bldng 7 with the lobby really torn up, and alot of smoke there....and again, no sprinklers.

In the towers, maybe the pipes were svered from the top floors, and Im pretty sure thats where the water tanks were...up top, to help gravity feed the building.

I may be way off here, but Im just asking.

Anyone else think of any of this at all?

Any info, and tanks A.C. for replying.
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