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Here's a gem for the mind's eye. Why is gold still valuable today if its practically useless?

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09/16/2010 09:23 AM
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Here's a gem for the mind's eye. Why is gold still valuable today if its practically useless?
It's not useful for spears, arrowheads or the blades of swords.
It's not useful for armor plating, chainmail or gnaulets.
It's not useful for most mechanics which requires hard, rough and tough metals like iron and steel.

A long time ago, someone decided that gold was valuable. Was it because they thought gold was the most priceless treasure once their mind's eye caught a hold of its beauty? Truly, gold is not a very functional metal. It's only real uses are for jewelery, for certain intricate technologies and for medicinal purposes.

Who decided that gold shall be the most precious metal on the planet?

The answer lies in the Annunaki and their lust for it when we were still enslaved as a race. They needed it for their atmosphere to survive and this lust for gold was branded into the minds of those working humans who mined it for them. But this lust of gold is an artifact of those times. While it may have been useful for our masters then, what use does it serve us now?

What I'm saying is that humanity is still struggling with this fragment in its consciousness. It has not yet realized WHY gold is so "needed." In this regard, it is running on automatic.

Gold is far more useless today than it was many a moon ago. Now, it is more a symbol of wealth than anything else.

The empire that the elite have created have made man forget that just a short time ago, the practical necessities of life were far more valuable than some metal that couldn't be put to use. Best to remember this. Gold is a SYMBOL of wealth, but nothing more.

When TSHTF, Gold will be more useless than you know.

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"When one begins to equate their outer experience to the things previously seen in their mind as a mere coincidence, one is set on the path to realizing that the reality seen by the 5 senses is in actuality the material manifestation of what occurs within the human mind and heart."