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Subject Those who know....Russias false collapse?
Poster Handle guindog
Post Content
Lets have a civil, and intelligent conversation about the involvement of the former(?) Russian/Soviet Govt's involvement in 9-11 and its possible false collapse.

The idea of faking ones death to carry out a plan is not a new idea, and its also a very succesful one, if carried out properly.

Do i beleive this theory 100pct?

No...But I do enjoy learning new things, and like most fellow C.T.'ists, enjoy trying to piece puzzles together.

H.L. Shanken is probably the most knowledgable member on the subject, from what Ive read...and there are a few more members here that feel this is the case, and its still in progress.

So, in case anyone wants tojust raise B.S. flags for me, remember...Im not convinced of this theory in full, I just wish to discuss it with you.

I invite everyone with any interest, knowledge, or doubts to join in.

Just please, lets be civil and try to LEARN.

Thats why most of us are here...to gain some knowledge.

p.., I hope Im not pissing any mods off here, if so please let me know. I left some things out for a reason.
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