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Message Subject Those who know....Russias false collapse?
Poster Handle guindog
Post Content
What is your evidence of it being an event planned by the russians? From what I have seen it was allowed to happen by the Neo-cons and the zionist (that gave them the intelligence that the plan was in the pipe line). It was a gift on a platter for them. It allowed them to impose PNAC.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1021078

I have no proof, nor did I claim to.

This is a discussion, not a fact tossing thread.

Its also EQUALLY about the possible false collapse of the Soviet Union, and if it included in its plan the events of 9-11, or if it had anything to do with it at all.

I appreciate all the replies, and even more,I appreciate the civility of all those that have done so, as this is usually a VERY touchy subject.

Again, I am not conviced that this even happened, Im only trying to discuss it and figure it out myself.

I dont claim to have any inside knowledge, proof, or anything else besides alot of curiousity an a sincere thirst for knowledge.

Sorry if I dissapointed anyone.
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