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Message Subject Those who know....Russias false collapse?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Russia's fake collapse only makes sense in a bigger picture where two NWO factions are semi-competing against each other following semi-false agendas created by TPTB.

The Anglo-Saxon establishment Vs the UN/NWO.

How else is it possible to explain the apparent, blindness, incompetence, paralysis of the West - in the face of numerous and repeated clues, warnings, defections etc.

The suicidal mass importation of Muslims into Europe.
and a similar picture of multicultural suicide in the US

These factions are both competing and pursuing common goals - 911 seems to have been part of that war - and Obama seems to be an endphase compromise between the two factions - the key being his lack of elligability and explains why it is completely hands off for the media.

It is all a question of how the US will be collapsed Obama has a certain time to achieve a relatively peacfull collapse - or it will be done by force!

This all leads to the Albert pike scenario!
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