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Message Subject Those who know....Russias false collapse?
Poster Handle guindog
Post Content
And not only that but Gorby gets to be on a Congressional advisory committe for the closure of US Military Bases, what was that all about?

A hand-picked/path planning mission?
To either allow spaces to be made for movement, or just the knowledge of the whereabouts?

And what other country has a developing manned space mission besides Russia, now that the USA has decided it doesnt' need to have its own manned launch systems? Why "former communist" (now active fascist, national socialist) China, that's who. Look for Japan and India's manned space developments to get ye ole shoe in the gears routine.

Why do we no longer need it?
Theres a deeper issue here, that Im not farmiliar with, either...back to the moon, which is another issue with ALOT of wierd things.

And Russia itself is no longer communist but a national socialist nation.

And it sems as though our admitted college era Marxist president is setting a stage, with socialized medicine/Obamacare...Possible?

If very nation on Earth becomes National Socialist, then Communism, which is international socialism, is then a defacto world wide government.

If they all become a National-Socialist platform, will they need to admit to a Communist agenda?

Or even call themselves as such?

Im glad Ive found a few posters that have an interest and some knowledge in this area, and with these issues.

Thank you for posting, mambers.

Im learning a bit, and thats why Im here.

I wish H.L. would pop in for a word or 2, or even some of the ones that disagree with his ideas, so I could get both sides of this theory.
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