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Message Subject Those who know....Russias false collapse?
Poster Handle guindog
Post Content
Lets pin threads about 911 being done by the russians instead of the Anglo American establishment.

Marvin Bush's security company did security for the WTC and project for the new american century called for a new pearl harbor right before 911 and the military ran drills the same morning of 911 to cause NORAD to fail....

... but lets pin threads about it being the Russians because wrong posts or disinformation is good instead of bad.

Agreed. The original thread was complete BS.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 675445

I see alot of ideas and theories about 9-11 here that are just straight out of the rubber rooms of looney bins.

This theory of the Soviet union engineering a false collapse to get closer to its enemies intrigues me.

If nothing else, between H.L., and Dimitri, there are alot of things to read about it.

The theories they both put forth, as different as they may be...share a few ideas.

Even if you dont think its feasible that 9-11 happened this way, take a quick read of them.

At least afterwards you can say that youve eliminated another theory, and may get closer to the truth.

Im still in the process of taking it all in, and reading the links and stories provided.

The Perestroika deception, if nothing else to most of you, is a GREAT read.

And the ideas from this book, almost alarmingly mirror todays world.
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