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Report: Muslim Brotherhood has Infiltrated the US Government

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United States
09/18/2010 07:02 PM
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Report: Muslim Brotherhood has Infiltrated the US Government
So far, the government was said to have done nothing to stop the Brotherhood infiltration. The report by the Center for Security Policy cited the success of one Brotherhood operative in gaining access to the White House under both Democratic and Republican administrations.

"Relying on Brotherhood operatives for 'outreach to the Muslim community,' let alone appointing them to influential government jobs, is a formula for disaster," the report said. "It gives prominence and legitimacy to enemy agents engaged in covert and not-so-covert acts of sedition. It facilitates their penetration and influence over the intelligence, law enforcement and national and homeland security agencies responsible for discerning and defeating such threats."

Titled "Shariah, The Threat to America," the report said the Brotherhood, with headquarters in Egypt but heavily financed by Saudi Arabia, has dominated Muslim politics in the United States. The report, prepared by teams headed by former Deputy Defense Undersecretary William Boykin and former Defense Intelligence Agency director Edward Soyster, said the Brotherhood oversaw everything from Hamas fundraising to training for FBI agents assigned to the Muslim community.

"As a result of this modus operandi, the Muslim Brotherhood is not only to prevent any appreciable challenge to its efforts to dominate the Muslim-American community," the report, released on Sept. 15, said. "It is also able to exercise effective control over nearly all the Muslim organizational infrastructure in the United States, including most of those Muslim-American groups that are nominally outside its network. In any event, the latter pale by comparison in terms of their influence to those U.S.-based Islamic groups that are Ikhwan [Brotherhood] operations."

[link to www.worldtribune.com]
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