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Message Subject Black Mold Poison
Poster Handle Vesper33
Post Content
It will come back if there is any moisture, and yes, you can take the spores with you. My family went through a living hell when we happened to rent a home in a very nice neighborhood that had an unknown mold problem. Apparently, they (owners) knew of the problem under the house, and had cleaned it with bleach etc. in the past. I assume they thought it was fixed, but a leak in the tub reactivated the mold and next thing I knew it was all over the walls, and into the duct system. We had a haze in the air like we were smokers, but no one smoked. Kids started getting sick, pale, exhaustion, blisters on tongue, respiratory issues and on and on. I am not sure if related, but I ended up with a thyroid tumor. This was a process over two to three years cumulating in the hazy air. We ended up taking an emergency exit to a hotel, when we walked in after being gone for a weekend, and everyone immediately became ill and lips started swelling up. The house was checked by everyone I could call out and it ended up being black mold. I had a horrible legal fight with the owner and ended up in court, which I won, but who cares, the damage was already done. The issues from the black mold were used against me in other ways by my ex, but that is another story. Let's just say that it has been seven years since all this happened, and my family is still not over the emotional toll it took, and I may never personally get over it totally.

Black mold is nothing to take lightly. It can and will destroy you and your family.
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