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Message Subject Black Mold Poison
Poster Handle divinegoddess
Post Content
Lived in mold filled 100+ yr old guest house. For almost 2 years. Repeated illnesses almost immediate after moving in. Dr's couldn't figure out. After landlord wanted to increase rent- I complained of mold in bathroom. Landlord had bathroom ripped open exposing me to probably over 70 types of mold - without giving me place to go while work being done. Immigrant labor split after telling them they needed masks. Leaving all these microscopic mold spores flying around got super sick both physically and mentally. Went through hell recovering for 2 years.
For house/apt and belongings- if you don't wish to throw practically everything away. (Except clothes because they can be washed) Rent Ozone generator for a weekend and take you and your pets away for weekend. Also remove plants.
Started to figure out I had severe mold poisoning just before landlord ripped open bathroom. After bthrm opened I started acting very erratic.
Basically went temporarily insane. Bounced rent check accidentally and verbal argument with landlord. He lied and I ended up being thrown into
UCLA psych ward. The drs there refused to believe me nor test me for mold poisoning when I stated repeatedly that's what was wrong. The drs there almost killed me with their heavy psych meds (gave me medication contra indicated for a person with high blood sugar count) I refused medication and was then threatened with lobotomy by one of the nurses.
After getting out of UCLA went to environmental specialist dr who was expert on mold. Spent 2 k to get list of vitamins and mineral supplements
and since had no insurance did not go thru 5k worth of neurological and physical health screening. MRI's full body cancer scans etc. My biggest regret not suing my landlord and UCLA as 1st dr suggested. Couldn't find lawyer only one i could find had too many cases.
Moved to Arizona continued treatment with NDMD who is environmental specialist- he too recommended same exact list of vitamins and mineral supplements. About $200 a month. Took me about 2 years to recover. Detoxing from this can at times feel worse than being sick while in mold environment. Expect depression while detoxing. Had thyroid problems while detoxing. Vision problems, severe memory problems. The list is long as to what illnesses you can get from mold . The most severe are cancer and Lou Gherigs (sp?) disease. You can find lists from mold drs online.
Both drs recommended same long list to recover. There is no prescription medication that one can take. Also must stay away from sugars, starches, dried fruit and mushrooms ( except Reishi mushroom - which has drying affect and found helpful in recovery)
Ten years later I'm practically an expert after all the research I've done to help myself and others. Memory functions only came back maybe 85-90%.
Visual problems persisted for several months, severe depression at least 6 mos while detoxing. For depression did Rhodiola worked best for me. After trying SAMe and 5htp.
I just moved so I don't have recovery list available at moment. But will again soon. Forget about regular md's and to quote my 1st specialist "UCLA doesn't know jack shit about mold" see an environmental illness specialist. I highly recommend SCNM in Tempe/ Phoenix area for NDMD treatment.
So much more to say but first get out of environment ! ASAP before it kills you.
I'll try to check back here when I can. I've enjoyed numerous articles here over last year. Thx
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